Personalized marketing for every contact? Automate it.

Discover the automation-first email and marketing platform that makes each customer feel like your most important.

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Make waves with your marketing campaigns

ActiveCampaign helps you build, automate, and send compelling 1:1 experiences across email, SMS, and more. So you can reach, engage, and convert more customers.

  • Turn customer data into higher open rates

    Make sure the right people get the right message, automatically. Our segmentation options help you boost engagement with targeted content.

  • Know your audience inside and out

    Gather and track actionable data across your marketing campaigns. Then use it to drive the results that matter to you.

  • The more you automate, the more you save

    Our automation builder helps you find new ways to save time and money every day. Cut down your workload and create your own productivity tools.

  • Find new fans, followers, and customers

    Our landing page and sign-up form tools help you easily gather contact details for your mailing lists, ad campaigns, and CRM.

Capture attention with personalized email, SMS, and digital campaigns

Convert your audience by meeting them on the channels that matter most to them–serving them up the high-value, relevant, and personalized experiences that they want.

A florist and a customer completing a transaction using a QR code overlaid with an automation that shows how signing up for a rewards membership integrates with Facebook Custom Audiences and schedules an email nurture.

Build conversion-ready campaigns in just a few clicks

Always look your best

Create flawless emails in minutes with drag-and-drop design tools and over 250 pre-built templates.

Personalize for every customer

Create and test dynamic and conditional content blocks that show different copy or media for each user.

Screenshot of the ActiveCampaign Email Designer Interface. Behind it is a picture of a male-presenting florist holding a wooden crate of lush plants.

Grow your business with powerful tools

Get more out of your contact list

Segment your audience based on what matters most to your business. Find new ways to capture data and use it to deliver meaningful customer experiences.

Build holistic reports in minutes

Track campaign performance and effortlessly quantify your marketing ROI with our built-in reporting tools.

Two workers in a modern open plan office overlaid with an automation that shows segmentation, LinkedIn Lead Ads integration, and a 1:1 email upon free trial completion.

Expand your marketing automation with add-ons

Reach your contacts on the go with SMS

Take your campaigns to the next level with intelligent SMS marketing automation. Send promotions, follow ups, and reminders straight to your customers’ mobile devices.

CRM & sales engagement automation

Keep track of all your relationships in one place with our fully-featured CRM. Follow your prospects from the first interaction all the way through to closing the deal.

Example of an SMS rule added to an automation chain. A text message thread from a pizza restaurant accompanies the example.

Try out pre-built marketing automation recipes

  • Recipes Ecommerce

    Abandoned cart reminder

    Chain multiple automations to recapture potential revenue via abandoned cart reminder emails.

  • Recipes All Industries

    Align Facebook Custom Audiences & Salesforce

    Make sure your sales leads are in the right Facebook Custom Audience for their current stage in your sales process, so they receive the right social messaging.

  • Recipes All Industries

    Target & track ad clicks

    See if the right segment is engaging with your ads. This recipe adds relevant tags with each click, so you can easily build campaign reports.

How Pitboss generated $76,000+ from a single campaign

Barbecue pioneers Pitboss bring the heat with personalized email campaigns at scale. Discover how they transformed their strategy with intelligent marketing automation.

786 %
Increased click-through rate within the first 3 months
Between two emails we did over $76,000 in revenue, and it was largely thanks to ActiveCampaign forms, tagging, and automation that we were able to do that.

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.