Close deals faster with automated 1:1 outreach

Our automation-first CRM tool puts your team in the driving seat, so you’re always ready to connect, engage, and convert.

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Your essential toolkit for new business

Our CRM gives you everything you need to automate outreach while keeping that all-important personal touch. Move faster, more efficiently, and in a way that gets prospects excited about what you do.

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  • Close more deals, quickly

    Make sure the right people get the right message, automatically. Our segmentation options help you boost engagement with targeted content.

  • Scale up account-based selling

    Segment against any characteristic to deliver hyper-personalized touch points based on your leads’s unique needs and preferences.

  • Provide 1:1 outreach & support

    Collect lead information to facilitate easy scheduling for meetings, demos, and consultations using customizable forms.

  • Lower your customer acquisition cost

    Win probability tells your sales team the odds, so you know when to nurture with automations and when to add a personal touch.

Transform your touchpoints into revenue-driving relationships

Get more out of your contact list with advanced segmentation, AI-powered probability tools, and 1:1 emails at scale. Spend less time managing and more time converting.

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Automate your workflow and turn opportunities into revenue


Use your data to attribute every conversion and prioritize your channels based on campaign effectiveness.

Sales routing

Get the right deals to the right reps and make sure every customer gets a seamless journey.

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Find out more about your customers

Lead scoring

Assign a point-based score to each individual contact and set which actions or behaviors add or deduct points.

Win probability

Our win probability feature uses AI to analyze every deal and give them a score based on relevant metrics.

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Our pre-built recipes make sales engagement simple

  • Recipes All Industries

    Contact last engaged date

    See when a contact last interacted with your email, so you can tell how engaged they are at a glance.

  • Recipes All Industries

    Apply tags to contacts based on custom fields

    Create contact segments with tags based on their answers in a form’s custom fields. Use these tags to personalize your 1:1 and sales engagement messages.

  • Recipes All Industries

    Create leads in Salesforce

    This automation recipe is the first in a three-part workflow automation designed to identify leads that are ready to talk to your sales team and create a lead in Salesforce.

Discover how Motrain drives trial conversions by 120% with personalization

Education gamification platform Motrain uses personalized outreach to nurture customers through the trial period. The result? Increased conversions and up to 15 hours saved per week.

60 %
Year-on-year growth
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We’re tracking trials started and trial conversions, and right now we’re converting at over 20%. Before ActiveCampaign, we were converting less than 10%

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