Real Estate: Buyer Onboarding Email Series


Are you in need of a follow up process for your real estate leads? Are you looking to build relationships with prospective homebuyers and potential real estate clients?

If you're wondering how to write an email to a potential buyer, build up your real estate pipeline, or schedule next steps with a prospective homebuyer -- this automation recipe helps automate the process! This real estate workflow automation is a great way to build your real estate email marketing strategy with contacts looking to buy a house.

With this automation you can send:

- General real estate introduction emails
- Additional information to your real estate leads
- Open house follow up emails
- New real estate agent introduction letters/emails

Before you import this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account, you'll want to create a "Real Estate Potential Buyer" sales pipeline, or create a "Potential Buyers" email list (if you're not using the ActiveCampaign CRM).

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation trigger is set for when a contact enters your pipeline for buyers
2. (Optional) if you're not using the CRM, the trigger could be set to when a contact subscribes to your "Potential Buyers" email list
3. The automation sends a "new real estate agent introduction" email, and lets your real estate leads know what they can expect from the process
4. If you're using the CRM, the automation adds a "Call" task to each deal in the pipeline. This adds a human touch to the sales process, and keeps your deals organized -- ensuring they don't fall through the cracks
5. The automation waits for 3 days -- feel free to adjust this wait period to reflect your specific process
6. They automation sends a "Next Steps" email to give your leads information on what comes next and how to move forward in the home buying process
7. The automation ends

The real estate buyer onboarding email series automation sends 2 messages to your real estate email leads, though you can edit the automation to include additional messages in the drip series.

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