Project Completion Check-in Automation Recipe


As an agency, your goal is client satisfaction on every project -- but it can be time-consuming to reach out to every client after every project to gather feedback.

Once a project is marked as complete, follow-up with the client to make sure they had a good experience. This automation lets you automatically reach out to clients upon completion of a project.

Using a pipeline for project management makes it easy to track the progress of a project -- and send project completion check-in emails once it ends. Client follow-ups are one of the key activities in project completion.

If the client says they were not satisfied with the finished project, you can reopen the project and send a message to the deal owner with the client's feedback. This lets you make sure unsatisfied clients feel heard, making them more likely to become repeat customers. Even if the client doesn't return, you have information that can help you avoid similar issues with future clients.

Here's how the project completion check-in automation works:

1. Specify the pipeline you are using to manage the project flow.
2. Choose how you mark a project as complete. You can move it to a certain stage, add a tag, or mark the deal as "Won." Choose that action as the trigger of this automation.
3. The automation is triggered when the project is marked as complete.
4. The automation waits 3 days.
5. The automation sends an email to the client. This email can include off-boarding information, next steps, or an offer to use your agency for their next project. In this email, include two unique links: One link to click if the client had a positive experience, and one link to click if they are not satisfied with the project completion.
6. A wait step waits until the client clicks any link in the email before moving to the next step. If the client does not click any link for 7 days, they continue to the next step.
7. An IF/ELSE action checks to see if the "satisfied" link was clicked.
8. If the client clicked the "satisfied" link, they exit the automation.
9. If the client did not click the "satisfied" link, an IF/ELSE action checks to see if the "unsatisfied" link was clicked.
10. If the client clicked the "unsatisfied" link, the automation sends the client an email to gather more feedback about their dissatisfaction. Let the client know that you want them to have the best experience possible and ask how you can make it right. The automation also reopens the deal and notifies the deal owner.
11. If the client did not click the "unsatisfied" link, they exit the automation.

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