Phase 5: Re-engagement Campaign (Import 1st)

Todd Molloy

This is one part of a 6 part automation series that all work together as a complete system. It is based on the "Invisible Selling Machine" concept made popular by DigitalMarketer.

This automation is "Phase 5" the re-engagment campaign. It should be imported 1st.

The Re-engagement campaign is sent to people that haven't opened or clicked anything for 60 days. If they were interested once, chances are they will be interested again. You just have to give them something that will re-energize and re-engage their interest in what you have to say.

Leaving disengaged emails on your list does tremendous damage to your email deliverability, so by re-engaging subscribers that have strayed from the pack, you'll also avoid the Spam folder.

Eventually if they still don't open or click on one of your re-engagement emails they are unsubscribed from your list.

The automation is setup with a series of 5 emails you can use a guide. These will need to be updated to suit your business and include links to your website where relevant.

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Phase 5: Re-engagement Campaign (import 1st)
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