1:1 Email: New Stage Message


Creating a cohesive sales flow is one of the best ways to optimize your team and create a great customer experience for your deals. Having a pipeline with clear stages and actions ensures no contact falls through the cracks and that each deal is where it should be. But it can be a lot of work to always make sure the next steps fire off correctly once a deal moves from one stage to the next. How can you ensure this workflow occurs without having to wait on manual input?

With automation, of course!

This automation allows you to send a personal email from your connected email address to your deals when they reach a specified stage. These emails can start a conversation, offer a demo, or outline next steps and needed actions both parties need to take.

Here’s how it works:

1. The deal triggers the automation when they move from to a specified stage from their previous stage in the chosen pipeline.
2. The deal then moves to a wait step where the deal waits for a specified amount of time. In our example, this is 6 hours.
3. The deal then reaches a “Send one to one email” step where they are send an email from the connected email address.
4. The automation ends.

Note: This automation is highly customizable for you to use with your existing sales workflow or to help you develop a new one. You may download it multiple times for each stage change present in your pipeline. You can also add other actions and conditions as needed for each specified stage.

Note: When setting up the trigger, we recommend setting the “contact moves from stage” to any, but setting a specific To stage, This ensures that no matter what stage the deal was in previously, the correct workflow for the new stage fires off without issue.

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