Event: Email or Personal Invite


How can you increase awareness for an upcoming event? How can you add a personal touch to an event invitation?

The "Event: Email or Personal Invite" automation recipe adds personalization to your event invites by having your deal owners call and personally invite your sales prospects or existing clients, while running an event email drip series to contacts without an open deal.

This automation recipe helps you:

- Create a personalized customer experience for sales prospects with a personal invitation
- Add value to your sales relationships while adding another touch point with a potential customer
- Create a system to incorporate events into your sales process
- Integrate your customer relationship manager (CRM) tool and email marketing strategy

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when you manually add a contact or a list of contacts into the automation (Note: This automation doesn't have a conventional start trigger so you have control over when this process begins)
2. The automation checks to see if the contacts you added have an open deal in the ActiveCampaign CRM (or another CRM you've integrated with ActiveCampaign)
3. If the contact has an open deal the automation adds a task for the deal owner to send and event invitation email to the contact
4. The automation waits 1 day
5. The automation adds a task for the deal owner to call the contact and personally invite them to the event
6. The automation waits 13 days
7. The automation adds another task to send an event invitation follow-up email to the contact
8. The automation ends.
9. If the contact does NOT have an open deal the automation sends an automated event invitation email
10. The automation waits for 2 weeks
11. The automation sends an automated event invitation follow up email with additional information on the upcoming event
12. The automation ends


- You can change the length of the wait steps to fit into your pre-event process, in our example we use a 2-week (14 day) time scale
- You can add/subtract any amount of tasks or emails to be sent over the course of the automation. If you'd like your team members to reach out to your contacts more/less frequently, you have the ability to change the automation to fit your company's process.

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