Conversations Automation Recipe: Follow-Up Message to Auto-Reply Form


When you start an online chat with an unknown contact, it's normal to ask for a little starting identification like their name and email address. But that does not make them an official contact.

What takes care of that is an opt-in form. However, there's no reason why you need to manually send an opt-in form through every chat.

We automate that!

The Follow-Up Message to Auto-Reply Form automation recipe helps you opt-in new contacts directly from the Conversations chat feature.

After a contact submits their initial information to begin a Conversations chat, the auto-reply function can send a hyperlink to an official opt-in form that subscribes them to your marketing list. Once a contact fills out this form and opts-in, send them a welcome series. You can have the form add them to a specific list or do so with a Subscribe action in this automation.

NOTE: This automation must be used with the Conversations feature.

How does the follow-up message to auto-reply form automation work?

Here's how the follow-up message to auto-reply form automation recipe works:

1. Choose the form "Conversations chat form" as the trigger. This form is automatically generated when you turn on Chat in the Conversations feature.
2. You link to an opt-in form from the Conversations auto-reply. The auto-reply containing the hyperlinked form can say something like, "Thanks for supplying the needed info. How can we help you today? *If you'd like to opt-in to our marketing, please fill out this form." Your auto-reply message can be customized however you'd like!
3. The contact starts the automation when they submit the Conversations form
4. The contact stays in a wait step until they submit the opt-in form. The contact will be held in the first wait step until they submit the form that is included in the auto-reply to the online chat. This allows the contact another method to opt-in and get on the marketing list.
5. You could add a number of days to "wait until" if you don't want contacts to wait indefinitely.
6. Once the contact submits the form, they get the first welcome message. This series is to welcome a new contact. Feel free to add more welcome messages to the series!
7. After waiting a day, the contact gets another welcome message and exits the automation

What do you need to use the follow-up message to auto-reply form automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, the Conversations feature, and a contact list!

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