Black Friday: Thank You On Purchase & Upsell


Did I get everything I needed?

This question plagues anyones who makes a purchase during a sale. They want to make sure they took full advantage of the savings on offer and who can blame them? This also translates to more purchase for you, so it benefits everyone to thank the contact and then send them an email showing what other great offers you have going.

This automation is triggered when a purchase is made from your ecommerce store and is then segmented by date and time conditions for the holiday. The contact is then sent a thank you through both the SMS and email channels. After a short wait, the contact is then sent an email showing other great products on sale.

Here's how this automation works:

1. The contact enters the automation when they make a purchase from your ecommerce store on the date specified in the segmenting conditions. For our example, November 27th.
2. The contact reaches a send an SMS step and is sent a thank you text.
3. The contact reaches a send email action and is sent an email thanking them for their purchase.
4. The contact waits for 20 minutes.
5. The contact reaches a send email action and is sent an email showcasing your other top deals.

Note: This automation can work with any special day but we use Black Friday in our example as the date and time conditions.

Note: Use conditional content on the email showing the other offers to ensure you don't highlight the product the contact has already purchased.

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