Abandon Cart Follow Up Automation


A common problem with online shopping carts is that 75.6% of users will never complete their order.

To increase sales and revenue with your online course and shopping cart solution, you can set up an Abandoned Cart Follow-Up automation to follow up with a potential buyer if they don't purchase the first time.

This setup is fairly straightforward:
1. The automation is triggered by a "abandoned_cart" tag
2. A series of emails are then sent out to encourage the user to return and complete their order. Each email is separated by a wait period of at least 24 hours to give the user time to act.

We recommend using AccessAlly's built-in 3-step order forms that allow you to capture a potential buyer's name and email, so that you can follow up if they don't purchase.

Then, simply customize this automation to re-engage users and get them excited about coming back to your site and completing their order.

Note: the AccessAlly plugin for WordPress was built to integrate on a deep level with ActiveCampaign, which makes this automation possible. If you are using another e-commerce solution, you will need to make sure it can capture the user's name and email, then apply a tag to trigger this automation if the user does not complete their purchase.

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