7 Week Drip Series


Do you run awareness campaigns or have an introductory campaign for new leads? Do it automatically with this workflow!

Nurture leads in your campaign and increase engagement with this 7-week drip email automation.

A drip series is a sequence of emails sent out to new contacts, leads, or prospects at specific dates and times. Once a lead subscribes to your email list, they will receive each email in the series at the intervals you choose. This automation recipe sends out one email per week for 7 weeks, but you can adjust the wait steps so that the emails are sent as far apart as you'd like.

This drip email automation can help you:

-Follow up with leads in a timely manner so that nobody slips through the cracks
-Nurture potential customers or clients
-Drive traffic to your website
-Offer exclusive content that provides value to your contacts
-Send leads personalized emails based on which email list they join

You can use a drip email series to:

-Send sales drip emails to nurture new leads
-Onboard new customers by sharing helpful setup tips over the course of their onboarding.
-Share a series of content that builds on itself, like a 7-week education course
-Send a 7-week series of ecommerce promotions to your subscribers
-Send follow-up emails to contacts you meet at a trade show or event (just make sure they opted-in to receiving marketing from you!)
-Cross-sell and upsell products to new customers who joined your email list at checkout
-Build excitement leading up to a big product launch or announcement

Here's how the 7 week drip series automation works:

1. A contact subscribes to your email list
2. They receive the first email of the series
3. The automation waits 1 week
4. Your contact receives the second email of the series
5. The automation waits 1 week
6. Your contact receives the third email of the series
7. The automation waits 1 week
8. Your contact receives the fourth email of the series
9. The automation waits 1 week
10. Your contact receives the fifth email of the series
11. The automation waits 1 week
12. Your contact receives the sixth email of the series
13. The automation waits 1 week
14. Your contact receives the final email of the series

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