How Okisam Helped Polestar Pilates Increase Revenue 25%

How Okisam Helped Polestar Pilates Increase Revenue 25%







The Challenge

  • Build a seamless connection between WordPress and email marketing software based on e-commerce integration
  • Implement a phased sales funnel to facilitate the sales process for your workers and automate the simplest steps
  • Establish an upselling flow for directly related products

The Solution

  • Implemented WooCommerce integration between WordPress and ActiveCampaign
  • Automated customer deals and statuses, from the time they fill out the form to the final call from the salesperson and their purchase
  • Okisam created different nurturing flows according to the state of the lead (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU) and according to the interest, they have shown thanks to site-tracking. The main success is a sales flow aimed at offering a superior course to customers who download a webinar directly related to the course. Each course has its own independent flow, and the claim improves until it offers a discount as the last shot.
With the inbound strategy in place, we have been able to significantly improve the process from conversion to final sale, increasing business revenue by 25%. - Juan Nieto Garcia, International Trainer

This is a contributed post from Okisam, an ActiveCampaign Partner. Okisam is a 360 marketing agency based in Valencia, Spain,...

Company Size
1-100 employees
ActiveCampaign for Marketing

This is a contributed post from Okisam, an ActiveCampaign Partner. Okisam is a 360 marketing agency based in Valencia, Spain, specializing in B2B solutions, ecommerce, programming, and graphic design. Keep reading to learn how Okisam helped Polestar Pilates by automating its sales and lead nurturing processes, achieving a 25% increase in revenue. 

Polestar Pilates is a physical and online pilates professional training school based on scientific foundations, with more than 25 years of experience in motion science research. The Polestar team has evolved on the original principles of Pilates while also embodying the latest scientific discoveries in areas such as biomechanics, motor learning and control, physiology, and neuroscience. 

When Okisam’s client Polestar Pilates needed to build a conversion-oriented inbound ecosystem to improve their sales funnel, Okisam recommended ActiveCampaign as the solution for both automations and CRM service. Okisam helped Polestar Pilates by implementing a phased sales funnel to facilitate and automate the sales process. 

A Strategically Designed Sales Ecosystem

Polestar Pilates realized that to run their business properly, they needed to create an ecosystem to promote its value through automations and campaigns. 

To sort out this, Okisam prepared a 360 marketing strategy to capture and convert leads by using ActiveCampaign. Then, they recommended leveraging their account API to establish an integration between WooCommerce, Polestar´s ecommerce CMS, and ActiveCampaign. By using both platforms, Polestar’s representatives set up an automation- and campaign-based sales funnel to: 

1. Build a strategy based on the integration of ecommerce transactions with Active Campaign.

2. Implement a sales flow to facilitate the work and management of Polestar’s sales team.

3. Establish an upselling flow for directly related products. 

Full-service solutions

Okisam handled the setup and implementation of the WooCommerce integration for Polestar Pilates, automating the deal process from the time a contact completes a form to the final sales call.  In addition, different automations were created for customer segments in order to increase CLTV and achieve cross-selling actions.

“After implementing ActiveCampaign and having everything set up in perfect working order, Polestar Pilates increased their lead generation by 30% and their global revenue by 25%,” says Chloé de Monchenault from Okisam.

If you would like to explore how Okisam can help you see the full potential of ActiveCampaign, visit their website for more information. 

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