Contact Last Engaged Date Automation Recipe


How do you monitor your email contact's engagement levels? Are you looking for an easier way to find your most engaged email contacts? What about your least engaged email contacts?

With the Contact Last Engaged Date automation recipe you can see the last time a contact engaged with your emails. The automation updates a date-based custom field to reflect when your contact opened or clicked a link in an email. This lets you automatically segment your contacts by engagement.

A custom field is a piece of information tied to a specific contact. It helps to tell the full story about a contact and store the information that you know about a given subscriber. This information can be pulled into email campaigns and automations for a more personalized customer experience.

This automation recipe tags your email contacts, or updates contact information when:

-A contact opens an email
-A contact clicks a link in an email
-(Optional) A contact commits any action that a user uses to determine engagement. This could be submitting a form, taking an action on your website, or making a purchase

You can use this information to:

-Monitor email activity and engagement
-Filter your email contacts by engagement
-Segment your contacts based on specific criteria
-Target the right contacts for re-engagement email campaigns
-Identify and remove unengaged email contacts
-Improve your email deliverability

Here's how the contact last engaged date automation works:

1. The automation is triggered whenever a contact opens any email or clicks a link in any email you send to them.
2. The automation then updates a date-based custom field to show the date of the last email engagement

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