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Integrate Callingly with ActiveCampaign

When you get a new lead in ActiveCampaign, Callingly immediately calls your sales team and then automatically puts them through to the lead

Call your sales team automatically whenever there's a new lead:

Whenever a new lead enters ActiveCampaign, an immediate call will be triggered to your sales team. You have complete control of the rules, statuses, and stages of your Contacts when you initiate the call.

Respond to every lead and close the deal quickly:

Bring your lead response time down from hours to less than 30 seconds. Even if your sales team is on the go, Callingly makes sure they can respond and close the deal quickly.

See call results back in ActiveCampaign:

See every missed and successful call right in ActiveCampaign and listen to your recordings. Keep track of what each lead says and does, and how fast response time directly results in a boost to your bottom line.

Intelligent routing based on ActiveCampaign tags:

Route leads on ActiveCampaign to sales agents based on category, sales territories, and your team's schedules. Every lead gets an immediate call from the right salesperson.


  • Segment new leads and route them to the right sales agents to be called back
  • Schedule new contacts on ActiveCampaign to be called at specific times on Callingly
  • Track results of sales calls on ActiveCampaign and listen to call recordings
  • Automatically sync back notes and tags your sales agents leave on calls

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Callingly Dashboard

The Callingly Dashboard home page gives you a quick real-time overview of the leads coming into your account and the calls that are being made.

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