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Dublin Hub

Welcome to ActiveCampaign Dublin

Opened in 2019, our Dublin Hub was ActiveCampaign’s first introduction into the European market. In this Hub you’ll find a variety of AC teams including Sales, Marketing, and Success, all made up of various backgrounds and cultures that are as diverse as the customers we serve in the region. Over 100 employees (and growing) in this region serve and support our customers in Italian, German, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Working at ActiveCampaign Dublin

The Team

In one year 50 employees become over 100 employees, and in 2 years 100 employees will be more than 300. This team is growing and making an impact on all aspects of the business including culture and diversity. With team members all over the EMEA region, this hub has a culture of openness, collaboration and celebration of different backgrounds. Everyone who works in this hub, ends up having friends from all over the globe.

The Vibe

Our team in the EMEA region is proud of their diversity, and looks to celebrate all calendar events related to our international teams - from Carnival for our Spanish and Latin American employees, to our HQ tradition of wearing some green and raising a glass of beer (or water) on St.Patrick's Day. This team never misses an opportunity to celebrate!

The Fun

Whether at home or in the office, this team loves a puzzle - not a business puzzle (though we solve those too) but an actual jigsaw. Even while working remotely, this team continues their puzzling, along with group yoga and cooking classes. Did we mention that pet pictures are shared pretty regularly too?

The Customers

EMEA is a diverse and varying region with well over 100 countries spread across 3 continents, who collectively speak 200 languages. ActiveCampaign has customers in almost every country in EMEA, from Johannesburg to Stockholm, from Iceland to Madagascar. While our customers in this region are diverse, most agree they love using AC to help grow their business.

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