ActiveCampaign vs. Salesforce

As you grow your business, understanding your customers and what makes them buy from you is top priority. ActiveCampaign can give you the tools you need to be successful without breaking the bank.

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ActiveCampaign Pro + Enhanced CRM
$299 USD
Per month–paid annually
Effortless & predictive marketing automation
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
$1,250 USD
Per month–paid monthly
Overly complex & expensive automation

Easy to use (and easy on your budget)

ActiveCampaign is ideal for smaller teams, offering a flexible, user-friendly interface for your entire team. It centralizes customer data, provides powerful sales automation and pipeline management tools, and includes 900+ integrations to customize your tech stack.

  • Multi-step marketing automation
  • Email, site, and campaign tracking
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Dynamic & predictive content
  • A/B/C/D/E testing options
  • Next best action suggestions
  • AI content creation tools
  • Predictive sending with AI
  • 250+ professional templates
  • Drag-and-drop email designer
  • Fully-featured enhanced CRM
  • Custom objects & data structures

Why choose ActiveCampaign over Salesforce?

See four reasons why we're the top choice for email, marketing, and sales automation.

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  • Connect all your marketing channels

    Engage with your customers across the entire lifecycle and funnel, on every channel they use. From email and social to landing pages and forms, ActiveCampaign’s comprehensive platform helps you nurture and understand your customers to make every interaction memorable.

  • Sync sales and marketing automation

    Assign lead scores, move deals through the pipeline, and pass tasks to others on your team in the same automated system. Close deals faster and be more efficient by qualifying or disqualifying leads immediately.

  • Leverage machine learning

    Use predictive sending and predictive content to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Each message is tailored to the individual and sent when they’re most likely to open and engage with your business.

  • Integrated design, landing page, and AI content tools

    Build dynamic content, use a responsive template, and personalize your email campaigns in minutes.

Everything you need to deliver better campaigns

Best-in-class templates, automations, custom landing pages and forms, sales and marketing automation accessible support & training, hundreds of integrations, and more. You get it all with ActiveCampaign.

Rated higher for ease of use

When asked how easy each platform was to use, more G2 survey respondents agreed that ActiveCampaign was more intuitive.

84 %
ActiveCampaign G2 satisfaction score
79 %
Salesforce G2 satisfaction score

Named a better business partner

An independent G2 survey found that more marketing automation users are likely to agree that ActiveCampaign better meets their business needs.

88 %
ActiveCampaign G2 satisfaction score
80 %
Salesforce G2 satisfaction score

Fully-integrated CRM & marketing automation

ActiveCampaign’s conditional wait and dynamic routing enable advanced branching, giving you control over campaign delivery, targeting, and response.

Marketing automation
Email automation
Lead scoring
Ecommerce automation
Split and conditional automations
CRM and sales engagement automation
Predictive sending
Dynamic content

Run more effective campaigns

Do more with ActiveCampaign's advanced segmentation, automation, and personalization features, delivering targeted messaging across every channel and improved customer engagement.

Content manager
Email templates
Conditional content
Abandoned cart
Product block
Product catalog

Powerful omnichannel marketing tools

Combine email, SMS, social media, and more for cohesive campaigns. Track all your omnichannel interactions for a consistent marketing strategy that drives results.

Landing pages
Sign-up forms
Facebook Custom Audiences
Facebook Lead Ads
Site messages
Mobile apps

Actionable analytics & reporting

ActiveCampaign offers extensive ROI tracking and custom reports, with omnichannel metrics and behavior tracking to understand campaign impact and revenue.

Contact reporting
Campaign reporting
Automation reporting
Conversion and revenue reporting
Store performance

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.