Getting Started with ActiveCampaign

These resources will help you run your business with confidence while using your new marketing automation platform.


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Your Getting Started Checklist

Check all the right boxes when you set up your account! This list takes you through all the steps to configuring your basic account settings, getting organized, creating your first automation, and more.


Migrating to ActiveCampaign?

Everything you need to begin migrating to ActiveCampaign from another platform.

New to marketing automation?

Learn what marketing automation is and see it in action.

Create your first form

Contacts are added to your email list via forms. Learn how to create and add a form to your website.

Learn how contact management works

Learn how to manage and segment your contacts in ActiveCampaign.

Send your first campaign

Explore our campaign builder, create and save your own templates, and send your first email.

Learn how email deliverability works

Learn what deliverability is, why it’s important, and best practices for strong deliverability.

Create a pipeline and add your first deal

Learn how to track and manage deals as they move through your sales funnel.

Ready to create your first automation?

Create an automation and begin to explore all the automation possibilities for your business.