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The platform powered by the world's most robust automation engine

ActiveCampaign’s automation-first approach makes it unique. Every piece works in tandem to easily meet your customers where they are, and take action on their needs to create truly personalized experiences that meaningfully engage at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


Unified Data Model

Turn data into insight into action

The ActiveCampaign platform is uniquely designed to turn data into insights and then into action that shapes the right customer experiences. Our Unified Data Model transforms your contact data into a single holistic view to create the most comprehensive picture of the customer. By combining data from many sources (like omnichannel behaviors, automation paths, and 800+ integrations) the platform knows wants and needs in the moment, and takes immediate action so that every part of your business stays aligned with your customers.


Customer Lifecycle

Deliver the perfect experience at every point.

Customers expect a personalized experience through every stage of interaction with your business. ActiveCampaign’s platform pinpoints how to engage customers on the right channel with the right message at the right time, and takes action to deepen personal connections throughout the entire customer lifecycle. No matter your size or industry, empower every stage of your customer journey to make each individual, whether they’re just discovering you or are a repeat loyal customer, feel like they’re your most important.


Use precise targeting to find the right prospects and grow your audience. Capture their attention with messages that match who they are.


Grow your relationship with your audience by providing tailored guidance. Help them learn what's available to address their needs.


As their confidence in you grows, provide individual audience members with well-timed calls to action to take the next step with you.


Delight each customer by knowing what they want, when they want it. Make them so happy that they buy more and tell others why they did.


Channels, Apps & Integrations

Ultimate flexibility from a stackable approach

Build the technology stack that is right for your business with the tools that are the best at what they do. Take advantage of ActiveCampaign's 800+ integrations to get an entirely bespoke solution that delivers ultimate flexibility to your business. Bring the power of automation to your entire sales, marketing and service stack and improve the ROI and impact of every tool while doing so. Learn from and then respond to your customers’ actions across every channel you interact with them — and eliminate data silos across the most critical areas of your customer journey.


Automation Engine

The automation-first approach that makes decisions you can trust

Businesses of all sizes get the advantage of the world's most robust automation engine powering their customer experiences across the entire lifecycle. ActiveCampaign’s unique automation-first approach is enhanced by the platform’s Unified Data Model, so automations dynamically adapt to changing customer needs in the moment, organically growing smarter the longer they run. That means you can trust automation to make decisions on your behalf to help manage critical processes and strategies across your entire business.

Recommendations & Recipes

Be confident with a guided path that’s personalized to your goals

ActiveCampaign’s platform leverages predictive and prescriptive technology to suggest and then customize what path your strategy should take based on your goals, so it’s an easy, intuitive process to route each individual to the right experiences. Access over 500 pre-built automation recipes, and know which ones will drive the most impact through recipe predictions tailored just for you. Access free tools that put proven marketing and sales strategy into practice, and hundreds of email and landing page templates that bring cutting-edge design to your business — all without needing advanced technical knowledge. Get everything you need to customize the perfect balance between automation and the personal touch.


Endless possibilities for 1:1 segmentation

A customer’s needs are never universal, so don’t segment them into broad, generic groups. ActiveCampaign’s platform can hyper-personalize segments, so interactions with every individual customer are unique to them alone. Track preferences, behavior, and custom attributes at every touchpoint across the customer lifecycle and use that information to deliver experiences that are always segmented for the right audience — an audience of one.

Predictive Actions

Machine learning technology that grows smarter

Amplify your data with leading-edge technology that continually learns more about each customer the more you communicate with them. The platform predicts the best next action to take, and automatically applies that understanding to shape a customer’s future interactions with your business. Save time, eliminate guesswork, and be confident each customer is getting the experience that’s most relevant to them, while delivering outcomes in step with your business goals.

Insights & Analytics

Embed the right insights into every action for the best outcomes

ActiveCampaign’s analytics are unique because they feed into every aspect of the platform to identify areas of opportunity throughout the entire lifecycle. The insights gathered from your data are used to predict individual preferences and needs, and then automatically drive action that improves customer experiences and outcomes. Then review your marketing, sales, and service activities through customizable reporting features to know which strategies are most effective at driving positive business impact.

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