How can automation help scale your SaaS company?

Scale comes from lower churn, higher expansion, and more users. Marketing automation helps you onboard and expand existing customers at the same time as you nurture and convert new ones.

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Onboard users to reduce churn

If users don’t see the value in your product, why would they stick around? Use automated workflows to increase feature adoption and reduce churn and increase your bottom line.

Track in-app events

What are users doing in your app? Track in-app events and use them to trigger messages that help people get the most out of your product.

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Manage customer health

Are your customers in danger of churning? How do you know? Use lead scoring and pipeline stages to identify the customers you need to save.

Automate outreach based on user actions

Get users to engage with your success team. Trigger emails and other messages based on customer health, feature adoption, and hundreds of other factors.

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Send triggered notifications to your users

Did a payment fail? Does a user need to upgrade their plan to use a feature? Send triggered emails to push for expansion and keep billing running smoothly.

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A RESTful API makes it easy to build powerful connections

The ActiveCampaign API is as easy to use as the platform. You make simple API calls, we’ll handle the messy logic on our end.


You guys spoiled me

“We actually hooked up to ActiveCampaign first, and you guys spoiled me. I thought all the APIs would be just be as easy to use as ActiveCampaign and they’re totally not.”