Get a marketing platform that grows with your business

Don’t shortchange your business’s potential to fit your software’s limitations.
ActiveCampaign allows you to go beyond – send emails, SMS, messages via chatbots and automate your marketing & sales process.


Plan Type: Plus
Contacts: 5,000 (unique)
Emails/month: Unlimited
Setup Costs: $0

Email Marketing
Chatbot and Conversations
Marketing & Sales Automation
Lead scoring for multiple personas
Ecommerce data integration

$ 149
per month - paid yearly

RD Station

Plan Type: Pro
Contacts: 5,000
Emails/month: 6 per contact
Setup Costs: $472

Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Lead scoring

$ 190
per month - paid yearly

Designed for growing businesses

  • Easy drag-and-drop email builder (plus powerful segmentation)
  • Visual automation builder for branching automations
  • Free support, training, and migration (in portuguese)
  • Integrated with the most used Brazilian tools
g2 rating

Why use ActiveCampaign and not an “all-in-one” tool

RD Station forces you into an “all-in-one” platform, but does not offer best-in-class tools. As a result, you have to spend more time setting things up than actually optimizing your emails and automations.

ActiveCampaign lets you choose and connect the best, easiest-to-use tools for the job, so you get the best of everything – be it Emails, Marketing Automation or Landing Pages.

Concerned about migrating? We offer free migration services to help you replicate (and upgrade) your campaigns with a Brazilian who speaks your language. Also, don’t worry about integrating with your Brazilian tools – we’ve got you covered there as well.

Move to a product that fits your business needs, even in Brazil.

How Desmistificando Recovered 50% of Their Abandoned Carts With Email Automation

I love ActiveCampaign automations! ActiveCampaign is so complete and full of possibilities…it can integrate everything in a way that no other tool does. Conditional content, automation, Facebook Custom Audience, predictive sending, CRM…just everything!

The synergy of ActiveCampaign’s features is amazing.


Email. Automations. CRM.

Powerful features. Less headaches.


Global Success

150,000 customers in 170 different countries. Global campaigns in more than 15 languages.

Multi-Step Automations

Send emails based on different customer actions or events, without lifting a finger.


Tags let you group, sort, send, and automate. They’re like attaching a sticky note to your contacts.

Powerful Segmentation

Use lists, tags, and custom fields (automation, email, and purchase actions) to group your customers.

Ecommerce behavior segmentation

Segment your customers based on order size or products bought - and target the right users with the right message.

Lead & Contact Scoring

Track engagement so you can reach out precisely when each prospect is ready to buy. * RD Station only offers a single lead scoring.

Split action

A/B test your automations to see what works and give customized experiences without creating dozens of automations.

Dynamic Automations

Use multiple goals and go-to actions to create flexible workflows and send each contact down a unique path.

Start/Stop Automation

Use automation to send contacts into—or remove them from—another automation workflow.

Automation Goals

Set specific marketing goals, and change the flow of an automation once your goal is achieved.

Automation Map

See how your automations connect to each other, so you can easily update your marketing, adjust your strategy, and map out new automations.

Automation Recipes

Pre-built automations to help you get started building common workflows.

SMS Automation

Send a text message to contacts within an automation. * RD Station only offers SMS if you integrate 3rd party softwares.

Site & Event Tracking

Track visitors across your website to see which pages they visit and which actions they take.

Website Forms

Add a contact to an automation when they submit a form on your website.


Multiple Pipelines

Create more than one sales pipeline and use different sales processes for different types of customers or products.

Sales Automation

Send follow-up emails automatically and move leads to the next step when they open or answer your emails.

Marketing data

Share the data your marketing team has with your sales team and improve performance.

Deal Scoring

Automatically estimate the quality of a deal and prioritize only the best leads that hit your pipeline.