How much time have you spent trying to figure out Marketo?

Why do G2 reviewers say ActiveCampaign beats Marketo in every single comparable category? Because Marketo’s complicated all-in-one solution limits you (and your budget). That’s why 150,000 businesses in 170 countries use ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation.


Plan Type: Enterprise

Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Contact Management
Dedicated Account Rep

$ 259
per month - paid yearly


Plan Type: Standard

Marketing Automation
Contact Management

$ 1,195
per month - paid yearly

Designed for growing businesses

  • A visual automation builder that lets you automate with just a few clicks
  • No contract, hidden costs, or complicated pricing
  • Stop paying for features you never use — add as you grow
  • Connects to your existing tools to build the system that’s right for you
  • Free onboarding, training, and migration — from a real person
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Stop paying too much for features you don't want

(while not getting the ones you do)

If you search Marketo’s website for pricing, you won’t find it. Why does Marketo hide how much it costs? Beginner plans start at over $1,000 a month, 4X the price of ActiveCampaign’s advanced Enterprise tier. Marketo also requires that you contact a sales rep for a demo. ActiveCampaign offers a free 14-day trial that lets the platform speak for itself.

CRM. Email. Automations.

Don’t just automate your processes, activate your entire customer experience.


Global Success

150,000 customers in 170 different countries. Global campaigns in more than 15 languages.


Drag-and-Drop Automation Builder

Build robust automation workflows using 20 triggers, 29 actions, and conditional logic.

Automation Recipe Templates

Pre-built automations to help you get started building common workflows.

SMS Automation

Send a text message to contacts within an automation.

Lead & Contact Scoring

Identify your contact's interests and engagement.

Goal Tracking & Reporting

Analyze the effectiveness of each automation and optimize your funnel.


SMS Marketing

Send text messages from your automation platform.

Conversations Inbox & Live Chat

*Can be purchased as an add-on to any ActiveCampaign plan.

Conversations Mobile App

Cross-Channel Messaging

Reach your contacts where they are - their inbox, their phone, your site, or your app.


Sales CRM

Give customers a personalized experience across their entire lifecycle.

CRM Mobile App

Manage sales on the go with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Pipelines & Stages

Clearly manage your buyers from start to finish.

Task Management

Loop in team members to call, email, or otherwise manage a customer deal.

Lead & Deal Scoring

Assign scores to each customer deal as they interact with your site, emails, etc. and understand how likely they are to purchase.

Win Probability

Machine learning generates a percentage field on each deal, telling you how likely that deal is to be won.


Drag & Drop Email Designer

Easily design and edit beautiful emails in minutes.

Email Templates

Split Testing

A/B test campaigns to learn what content works best.

Conditional Content

Customize campaigns so each contact sees relevant content.

Predictive Content

Create different variants of content, and automatically send each customer the variant they prefer.

Predictive Sending

Automatically send emails at a unique time for each contact, when they’re most likely to engage.

Unlimited Sending

If your list is less than 250,000 contacts, you can send to them as much as you like.


Chrome Extension

Manage your contacts, tasks, and automations from anywhere online — no need to even log in.

Deep Data Integrations

Bring all data in from third party apps and to power your marketing.


Free Onboarding & Migration

Dedicated Account Rep

Free, High-quality Training

Make it a hassle-free switch

Try ActiveCampaign for free

Instant set-up. No credit card required.

Schedule a free demo

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Why do G2 reviewers say ActiveCampaign beats Marketo in 98% of categories?

Make the tools you love more powerful

ActiveCampaign picks up where legacy marketing, sales, and support tools fall short. Whether you use our Deep Data Salesforce integration or our native CRM, you can seamlessly use the best tools for your business — which you can’t when limited to all-in-one solutions.

Easier to get started quickly

Because Marketo is complex, there’s a steep learning curve to do what should be simple tasks. With ActiveCampaign’s intuitive platform, free training resources, and best-in-class support, you'll spend less time wrestling with your tools and more time achieving your goals.

Get the data that matters

Important insights are captured, organized, and actionable. Easily trace your entire customer journey to discover trends, so you only spend time on activities that generate revenue. Know what turns leads into customers, and make the best marketing decisions possible.

Improve your marketing ROI

ActiveCampaign users report achieving a positive ROI in just 4 weeks. That's less than half the 10 week average reported by Marketo users.

It’s not complicated: We’ll move you from Marketo for free

You never need to worry about getting started. We’ll get you up and running fast.

When you get free migration, we import:

Make it a hassle-free switch

Try ActiveCampaign for free

Instant set-up. No credit card required.

Schedule a free demo

Get a free walkthrough of ActiveCampaign