WhatsApp & ActiveCampaign

Connect with customers on the world’s most popular chat app

Offer the real-time support and feedback that builds lasting customer relationships, and grow your business by connecting to the more than 2 billion global WhatsApp users. 

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Real-time messaging backed by the power of CXA

By pairing ActiveCampaign with WhatsApp, you can give every person a unique 1:1 experience — whether they’re one of 10 customers, or 10 million. 

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Personally connect across any channel

Your customers interact with your brand on more than one channel, so you should be ready to continue the conversation wherever they are. Chat with them on WhatsApp to ensure they can seamlessly engage with your business no matter what.


The perfect message for each customer

ActiveCampaign’s automation builder works off a dynamic view of each customer to send the right WhatsApp message at the right time, so you always highlight the products or services each customer will find most relevant.

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Real-time support

WhatsApp isn’t just for sending marketing messages and promotions – it enables quick, efficient, 1:1 support customers have grown to expect. Quickly respond to questions or customer concerns to build a loyal customer base and create advocates that last.

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Use the apps you love

Whether you’re using ActiveCampaign channels or connecting through your favorite third party solutions, you can achieve true omnichannel automation. Create automations that extend engagement across every single touchpoint, and use data from the entire customer experience to make your strategy smarter. Our unique approach makes it achievable and affordable for businesses of all sizes. 

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