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Find new customers, generate more business, create advocates and loyalists. ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customers experiences, throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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Customer Experience Automation for B2C


Customer Experience Automation

Grow your business with ActiveCampaign

Get the tools you need to continue to build the business you love. Whether you are a local practitioner, in the hospitality industry, a blogger/creator, event management, education, non-profit, or the like – we’ve worked hard to make a product that fits your needs now and as you continue to grow.

Reach and engage customers across the customer lifecycle

Deliver the best customer experience at every touchpoint.

Find the right prospects to grow your audience, subscribers, community, and customers

Capture customers attention with messages that match their preferences

Retain customers and inspire brand loyalists and advocates

B2C Reach and engage customers
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Seamlessly connect to your customers across all channels

Deliver a consistent and connected experience across email, text, messaging, chat, and social then take action on the data across any channel in a few simple clicks.

Save time while driving growth

Automate your sales process to allow sales to focus energy on the deals most important to their pipeline. Get access to a library of:

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Connect to your favorite apps

Get the most flexible and connected stack to grow your business, your way. That means easy access to connect your favorite apps you already use and with over 870+ apps in our marketplace, explore more tools that fit your business.

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Built for the way you do business now and here to support you as you grow in the future

CRM & Sales Automation

Track leads and customers, keep consistent customer data records, and make sure your teams have more insights to drive 1:1 follow-up communications.

Marketing Automation

Get time back by automatically targeting the right prospects and managing the marketing no one else has time for.

Email Marketing

Use targeted, triggered emails to create automated timely follow-up, promote new offers or services, and stay engaged and connected to your customers.

Service & Support

Connect email, live chat, and text interactions so you are able to track any opportunities for follow-up, promotions, and proper order updates.


Customer Experience Automation supports all areas of your business

Sales automation keeps your team on the same page so nothing slips through the cracks.

Deliver connected experiences across channels.

Anticipate customer needs and improve every interaction.

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Everything you need to create unique and scalable customer experiences.

Acquire more customers

Marketing automation

Set up automation workflows to reach more potential customers with high-quality marketing automation and messaging.

Marketing automation

Manage your customer information

Sales pipeline

Keep all your customer information in a singular location, track activities, and automat tasks with pipelines, so you always know when and with what to follow up.

Sales pipeline

Re-engage customers and subscribers


Use automation to upsell and cross-sell past customers once they have made a purchase, visited your location, or seaked out support. Ask for a review, provide a product alert, or offer a promotion.


Sell more

Predictive sending

Use predictive sending and dynamic content to build relationships and brand loyalty by sending customers relevant and timely messages about products, services, and offers they actually care about.

Predictive sending

Drive engagement on your website

Web Personalization

Use web personalization to show each site visitor content that is right for them based on past behaviors and drive more interest and better conversion rates.

Web Personalization

Capture customer information

Subscription forms

With customizable forms, get the data you need from each prospect or customer to add them to distribution lists, understand preferences or gain valuable insights for timely follow up.

Subscription forms

Show up like a pro

Landing pages

Access to a library of professionally designed templates for landing pages, emails to create a consistent and professional brand experience

Landing pages

Make support teams more effective


Use chat and chatbots directly on your website to speak to customers in real-time with live or automated messages all while linking back to contact records for a seamless conversation.


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