More personalization, greater delivery, and less cost—Mailchimp can't do that.


Plan Type: Marketing Plus
Emails/month: 10x Contacts

Email Marketing
Advanced Automation

$ 49
per month - paid yearly


Plan Type: Standard
Emails/month: 30,000

Email Marketing
Basic 1-step Automation

$ 60
per month - paid monthly *Contacts on multiple lists count as multiple contacts.

ActiveCampaign is designed for growing businesses

  • Easy drag-and-drop email builder (plus powerful segmentation)
  • A visual automation builder that easily lets you automate with just a few clicks
  • Free contact migration and accelerated onboarding sessions
  • Take action with clear and insightful reports
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When real customers voice their thoughts, one thing is clear. ActiveCampaign comes out on top.

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How is ActiveCampaign different from Mailchimp? Powerful features with more flexibility.

You can’t get true customer engagement by sending all your customers the same impersonal message. ActiveCampaign lets you create a totally unique experience for every single customer. We’re the must-have marketing automation platform that’ll grow with your business 



Powerful and versatile

  • 75+ native triggers and actions
    • Contact, account, and deal based
  • Up to 5 triggers per automation and unlimited actions per automation
  • Automate marketing, transactional, and 1:1 emails
  • Site tracking and event tracking for personalized automation
  • Advanced branching, dynamic routing, and conditional waits
  • Internal actions
  • Groundbreaking AI-assisted automation with 800+ integrated triggers and actions
  • View unique contact automation journeys and an automation map


  • <35 native triggers and actions
    • Contact based only
  • Up to 3 triggers per automation and up to 4 actions per automation
  • Automate marketing emails only
  • Mailchimp page tracking only, not available in automation
  • Limited branching, split routing only, and basic waits
  • No internal actions
  • No AI in automation
  • Zapier, Eventbrite, and Shopify triggers and actions
  • No automation visualization



  • 91.66% deliverability rate
  • Strong focus on deliverability with in-depth analytics
  • Real-time tracking to monitor email performance


  • 87.88% deliverability rate
  • Few features for monitoring
  • Limited real-time tracking capabilities


Email Design

More customization

  • Standard, split test, RSS, and date based campaigns
  • Rich segmentation
  • Advanced WYSIWYG, plain test, or HTML editors
  • Detailed styles, modern content structures/blocks
  • Attribute and behavioral personalization
  • Advanced conditional content
  • Conversational content generation AI prompts
  • Multiple previews and testing methods

Restricted options

  • Basic campaigns
  • Limited segmentation
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Simplified styles, basic content structures and blocks
  • Poor, no behavior-based personalization
  • Restricted conditional content
  • Single content generation AI prompts
  • Limited preview


Comprehensive and sophisticated

  • Contact, account, deal, and custom objects
  • Deep segmentation
  • Build in CRM with pipelines and deals
  • Custom and predictive contact and lead scoring


  • Single contact object
  • Basic segmentation
  • No CRM
  • No lead contact or scoring

& Reporting

Detailed and insightful

  • Rich reporting
  • Multi-channel engagement metrics and influence
  • Deep analysis of behaviors and trends
  • BI grade custom reporting


  • Very limited reporting
  • Audience engagement metrics only
  • Limited analytics
  • Email-only custom reporting



  • Updates released daily
  • Several hundreds of customer ideas are delivered every year


  • Updates released quarterly
  • Platform stagnating


Onboarding and migration is made easy.

Mailchimp offers limited call time to set up your account and walks you through the product without helping you send your first campaign. Not super helpful, right?

ActiveCampaign offers free 1:1 onboarding and migration, unlimited calls, and provides an advanced set up to migrate lists, campaigns, and more. Our service includes:

  •  1:1 virtual sessions with an onboarding member
  • Unlimited calls for all plans without a time limit
  • Strategic planning and guidance on how to use ActiveCampaign to achieve your business goals
  • We will migrate your lists and up to ten items each from your templates, automation, and forms/landing pages*
  • Wrap-up call that includes next steps and ongoing customer resources

  Free service recommended for all paid* customers after completing our new user training

ActiveCampaign is the obvious choice for teams looking to create incredible customer experiences.

When automation platforms like Mailchimp limit how you use their features, ActiveCampaign gives you more functionality. Don’t just take our word for it either. See how our customers outgrew other solutions and found true success with ActiveCampaign.


The Museum of Science and Industry ditched Mailchimp and chose ActiveCampaign to elevate their automation

“We outgrew Mailchimp. We needed something more sophisticated.”

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Party Headphones is now able to attribute specific campaigns and content to winning deals

“We used HubSpot before, but ActiveCampaign has a lot more logical flow to it."

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With ActiveCampaign, Chicago Food Tours increased their email capture rate by 79%

"With more time back, we can dedicate time to areas that will create more revenue."

What sets ActiveCampaign above the rest?

Campaign designer

ActiveCampaign isn’t just a Mailchimp alternative. We offer no-code dynamic content, so each person gets personalized messages with exactly what they want to see. Plus, our extensive email template library lets your choose from hundreds of predesigned templates to kick-start your new campaign.

Marketing automation

Create automations to manage almost any part of your business—contact onboarding, sales follow-ups, welcome messages, and anything else you can think of. ActiveCampaign's drag-and-drop visual automation builder makes it easy to see the journey you are building for your contacts.

A real CRM to manage sales

When Mailchimp says "CRM," it just means "a list of contacts." The ActiveCampaign CRM is more than just a tool. It's a partner for your business. No more sifting through notes or your email inbox, because the details are handled for you. Our CRM manages every part of your sales process — so you can focus on what matters: Your customers.

Contact management

The power of ActiveCampaign’s contact management is it’s contact-based, not list-based. That means you can create as many lists with as many segments as you want—and never have to double-pay for contacts (like on Mailchimp).

Support when you need it

Why not pair an impressive tool with unparalleled support and on demand training?? We’re always here to give you what you need to be successful.

Ready to upgrade? It's a hassle-free switch.

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