One platform. Total control.

Say goodbye to fragmented marketing campaigns across separate locations. ActiveCampaign HQ helps multi-location brands and franchises deliver consistent experiences at scale with personalized content for local customers.

Designed to make multi-location marketing a breeze

Our centralized, top-down campaigns help you save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each month. Craft your brand’s message, then automatically push it across every location.

  • Publish campaigns at scale

    Deploy personalized email and SMS campaigns across multiple locations, all at once.

  • Use the same templates

    Push pre-approved templates to all your connected accounts to keep everything on-brand.

  • Build revenue reports

    Track national and global campaigns with a single click, spot trends faster, and create organization-wide revenue reports.

  • Test for success

    Hit send with confidence. Our three-tier automated testing process sets you up for flawless emails every time.


Everything you need to deliver multi-location campaigns.

  • Full control from one dashboard
  • Consolidated revenue reporting
  • Connect all your accounts in seconds
  • Automated three-tier testing
  • Sync templates instantly
  • Secure single sign-on options
  • Stagger campaigns by timezone
  • Localization tags
  • Personalize emails at scale
  • Advanced segmentation options
  • Keep the same workflow as you grow
  • Personalized implementation

Manage all your accounts from a single dashboard

Most solutions only offer individual account control, making it hard for franchises to connect the dots. With ActiveCampaign HQ, you can compose and send for hundreds of unique accounts. All from one place.

See the big picture with real-time analytics and reporting

Track local, national, and global campaigns from one place and identify trends in seconds. Create customized, consolidated revenue reports to see what’s driving your revenue (or limiting it) on any scale, from a single location to your global operations.

A solution that scales with you

Want to add 2 accounts? 20? Or how about 200? No matter how much you want to grow, ActiveCampaign HQ delivers the same streamlined and intuitive experience. It’s designed so you can pick up opportunities without taking on complexity.

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