Show each visitor the content that’s right for them

Connect the conversations happening across marketing channels, nurturing automations, and customer service for a fully personalized and integrated customer experience
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Personalize your web presence

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The customer service tools you need to succeed

Learn what types of messages and images increase conversion, retention, and lifetime value.


Assist customers wherever, whenever

Any page on your website can be personalized — whether it’s set up through ActiveCampaign or a different tool that you’re already using. So you get personalization extended right into the landing page and site management tools you love.

Show each visitor exactly what they want to see

Use the information you have in ActiveCampaign to show each visitor the most relevant content and products on your site. You can use any tag — whether it’s based on interest, sentiment, or engagement — to personalize text and images.

Boost store sales with smarter image placement

What’s the last thing each customer bought? What might they want next? Use each customer’s unique purchase history to create more opportunities to cross — and upsell by putting the right product and service images in front of the right visitors.

Show the right message at the right time

Stop creating multiple landing pages and hoping people land on the right ones. Send everyone to the same page and personalize — so that your message hits right on target every time.

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