5 Landing Page Services with Unique Benefits (a Comparison)

5 landing page builders compared

Landing page builders compared
I wanted to compare the great landing page builders that integrate with ActiveCampaign, but I quickly ran into a problem — it was difficult to identify what made each of them unique.

I imagine it’s also challenging from a consumer’s standpoint — how do you pick a landing page solution when they offer very similar features? What are each company’s strengths? What unique capabilities do they offer?

5 landing page services that integrate with ActiveCampaign

Why is it important for your landing page to integrate with ActiveCampaign? So that you can use the information you gather on your landing page to segment and create contacts in ActiveCampaign.

When someone fills out a form on a landing page, you probably want them added to your ActiveCampaign account.

For more information on how to write a landing page, check out this comprehensive guide.

If someone who is already an ActiveCampaign contact visits one of your landing pages but doesn’t convert, wouldn’t you want to follow up with them?

Rather than trying to do a comparison of each landing page service and not get it quite right, I figured, “Why not go straight to the source?” I’m sure these companies know their strengths better than anyone.

Here are 5 landing page creators that integrate with ActiveCampaign:

  • Instapage
  • Pagewiz
  • Unbounce
  • OptimizePress
  • LeadPages

Below, you’ll find the strengths and unique features of each service—pulled straight from the source.

I hope their answers help you pick the best landing page creator for your business.


What makes your landing page service unique?

Our builder is truly/fully drag and drop, versus many of the builders that aren’t as flexible.

Our mobile solution is actually mobile responsive while maintaining the ability to customize it completely.

Our URL importer also works much faster than other options on the market.

The biggest difference is the quality and capability Instapage has.

Essentially, while the features are the same by name, ours are much more effective solutions.

What do you see as your major strengths?

Our customer support team keeps response times low and customers happy, and that is our number one priority.

Our ear is always to the ground to keep up on the features and integrations our users want.

Where is your landing page service headed in the future?

Our goal is to lower the cost of customer acquisition. We want to be the go-to solution for any business running a promotion.

Instapage starts at $29 a month.

They offer a 30-day free trial, no credit card required


What makes your landing page service unique?

We believe (and have been told countless times) that our WYSIWYG design tool is so easy and intuitive that anyone can create a pixel perfect landing page in minutes.

With multiple account management and page organization, we have made landing page management easy and efficient.

We are the only landing page creation platform that allows multiple forms per page — a major advantage for long landing pages with multiple conversion points.

Pagewiz uniquely allows for an optimization of your landing pages not only for conversions, but also for events.

What do you see as your major strengths?

Our support team is highly professional and informed, not only about technicalities, but also about conversion rate optimization best practices and studies.

You can customize the entire platform — a custom URL, lead notifications with your branding, integrate with almost any CRM and autoresponder tool, and edit the page as you want.

Our mobile adaptive themes make it easier to run desktop or mobile specific A/B tests on your campaigns. For example, Click2Call buttons can be easily optimized.

Pagewiz has its own unique landing page templates category over at ThemeForest, containing 70 specially designed templates.

Pagewiz starts at $29 a month.

They offer a 30-day free trial, and no credit card is required


What makes your landing page service unique?

The Unbounce Landing Page Builder allows full flexibility so that our customers are in full control of the types of pages they want to build, and the different elements they want to A/B test.

We have the most robust infrastructure of any platform in the industry, with 99.99% uptime and full failover redundancy worldwide (we are the only company with four servers across the globe.)

We are the only product to offer automatic SSL encryption for any domain including custom domains.

What do you see as your major strengths?

We integrate with over 300 services either directly in-app or via Zapier.

We’re also the preferred tool for agencies, with features that make it easy to manage clients and share multiple campaigns from a single Unbounce account

Beyond the product, we have exceptional customer support with agents working 7 days/week. They have an NPS score of 84—better than Apple!

Where is your landing page service headed in the future?

Our vision is to empower every business to create better marketing experiences. We do that by giving marketers indispensable tools for creating high-converting landing pages.

We are constantly adding new features, such as: an upcoming WordPress integration, advanced reporting, more integrations and fleshing out our API, and UX improvements.

We’re starting to look into some pretty cool machine learning and AI technology.

Unbounce starts at $49 a month.

They offer a 30-day free trial.


What makes your landing page service unique?

With our platform being built within the WordPress system, so it is easy to manage your content.

You can expand the power of OptimizePress with the thousands of plugins available for WordPress.

You can choose to add new elements from our library of over 200 unique designs including pricing tables, opt-in boxes, headline styles and much more.

What do you see as your major strengths?

Our team of designers have created great-looking designs that are highly optimized for conversions.

We also have over 200 additional templates and designs available for purchase from a rapidly growing selection of designers in our OptimizePress Marketplace.

We provide blogging and membership functionality, so any online marketer or business owner can create the pages they need including their sales processes.

Where is your landing page service headed in the future?

We are continually focused on creating the best converting pages which also look great (we have found there is a strong correlation between great design and higher conversions).

We’re also expanding our blogging functionality to give our users more options when it comes to launching content marketing campaigns for their business.

Optimizepress starts at $97 (a one-time fee).

They don’t offer a free trial, but there is a 30-day money back guarantee


What makes your landing page service unique?

LeadPages is the only landing page solution that helps you boost conversions four ways — landing pages, your site, social media, and SMS text messaging.

We offer unlimited everything — leads, traffic, and landing pages.

We are the first to offer “LeadBoxes”—  pop-up lead-generation boxes that you can grow your email list from anywhere on your site.

Our “LeadDigits” feature allows you to grow your email list with SMS text messaging. A person can opt-in for your list and receive your lead magnet — all with SMS.

What do you see as your major strengths?

One of our biggest strengths is our team of 100+ people (including over 30 full-time engineers and over 20 full-time Technical Support Specialists).

We have billions of data points that direct us to the best possible conversion practices.

We also offer some of the best conversion-based training.

We are 100% focused on conversions. We are constantly working to improve this critical part of our clients’ businesses.

Where is your landing page service headed in the future?

Our engineering team is working on some incredible updates poised to shake up the industry.

We’re hosting our first conference ever in October. It’s called “Converted 2015.” We’ll be bringing together some major thought leaders in our space for a 2-day intense event.

Leadpages starts at $37 a month.

They do not offer a free trial, but there is a 30-day money back guarantee

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