Create product landing pages that convert visitors into customers

Just as the cover and blurb of a book are the selling points, your landing page should sell your product. Show it off, tell them about it, but don’t spoil it.

If you want to make a landing page for a product, here is an easy template you can follow.

The product landing page template includes all the essentials you need for an effective product landing page.

What you get:


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Essential elements of a product landing page

There are many different ways you can showcase products on a product landing page. 

However, there are a few essential pieces of information that you will need to be sure to include:

  • Product Image ­– The fastest way to show off a product is with high-quality pictures. Show different angles and close-ups. Pictures reassure customers that the product is legitimate and high-quality. If the product is a service rather than a physical object, include related images.
  • Product Description – The second most important way you can show off a product is to tell the customer what it is. What is it good for? Why do they need it? This is your chance to share all of the product’s most exciting aspects, capabilities, and features. Keep it brief, but include lots of info.
  • Product Info/Specs – This section is more or less vital, depending on the product. If the product is an object, include dimensions, materials, weight, etc. If the product is a service, include duration, cancellation policies, perks, etc. You want to be clear and meticulous in this section.
  • Price – List the product price;, it’s that simple. You can put a single price or have options if the prices change with design or duration.
  • Buy Button – The last but vital aspect of any product landing page is a way for customers to buy the item. Put a big ‘buy’ button near the item. There needs to be a link where customers can buy the item (or get in touch for a demo or get contacted by a sales team).

Types of product landing pages

Product landing pages are broken down into two main types: click-through and lead generation pages. 

Click-through pages are the ones used for new or unfamiliar products. You can also use them for special offers and deals. They are usually designed to be more visually inviting and offer extra information.