Grow your freelance business with these free resources

Want to offer your expertise as a freelancer? Or add more clients and grow your existing freelance business? Adding clients is one thing, but keeping track of every detail, payment, and client interaction is difficult — especially when you’re doing it by yourself.

These 12 free resources for freelancers give you what you need to tackle the trickiest parts of a freelance business. When you need to close and onboard more clients, keep your payments organized, or answer questions about cost — these resources have the answers. This free resource pack includes templates for client calls, a client payment tracker, a guide for your freelance website, and a cheat sheet for handling 33 different client objections.

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Manage your next freelance project with these automation recipes

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How to Market Yourself as a Freelancer: 12 Freelancer Free Tools and Templates


The original definition of a freelancer was a knight who didn’t answer to anyone (they were “free” to use their “lances” for anyone who paid