10 pre-built email automations that let you get started with automation fast.

Don’t you wish there were more hours in the day? More hours in an hour even? These 10 email automation templates can’t add more hours to the clock — but they can save you some hours in your day with automation recipes, our term of pre-built automation templates.

This email automation starter pack includes 10 automation recipes that cover a variety of tasks and touchpoints that encompass every step of your customer’s lifecycle.

What you get:


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Start earning your time back with these automations templates

Welcome Series

Are you unsure of how to create a welcome email sequence? Are you even less sure of how to automate it? The answer to both questions is this automation recipe! Onboarding your new list subscribers is a snap with the Welcome Series.

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Opt-in Incentive Delivery Email

When a contact fills out your form to receive gated content, a quick, effective delivery is important! This automation recipe handles the delivery of the gated content and tags the contact as interested in the topic.

Contact Last Engaged Date

Are you looking for an easier way to find your most engaged email contacts? With Contact Last Engaged Date, you can see what contacts have been engaging and win back contacts that have started to fall off.

Keep your audience coming back with Customer Experience Automation

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You'll learn best practices for qualifying your leads, how to send perfectly timed omni-channel messages, and tips and tricks for using automations to deliver impactful calls to action.

Win back lost contacts with email automation

You lose about a quarter of your email subscribers every year. Not because they unsubscribe – but because they stay subscribed and stop interacting with you. Watch this webinar to learn how a re-engagement