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Do you need new clients to grow your business? Maybe not.

People like to work with people they already know, like, and trust.

So it may seem counterintuitive, but the best people to work with are often those you’ve already worked with before.

You’ve already done the heavy lifting and have a great relationship, so why not follow up to see if there are new opportunities to work together?

You’ll get 3 follow up email templates to customize and send to your past clients. Follow-up emails help re-open the conversation and explore new opportunities to work with them again!

What you get:

  • 3 past client email templates (for more work)
  • 3 post-call email templates

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When should I send a follow up?

There are many times you should send a follow up email, such as:

  • After a successful meeting
  • Updates are made to a project plan
  • Kicking off a relationship after a conference or networking event
  • You’ve tried other methods of communication that have proven unsuccessful

But, not all of those kinds of follow ups are going to drive revenue. Since you run a business (or work for one), you want to focus on what matters: sales and revenue.

Follow up email subject line templates

You came here for templates, and hopefully you downloaded them already, but what you may not know is that the most important part of an email

To get our follow up emails opened, we need to decide which way to go with our subject line:

  • Very literal — “Terry, following up on our proposal review”
  • Incite some kind of curiosity in the subject line

The literal and direct subject lines are likely to get opened because the receiver immediately knows what the email is about.

But what about the second option? How do we create curiosity in the receiver of your follow up so they can’t help but open?

Here are five ways:

  1. Ask a curiosity-inducing question
  2. Start a sequence of events, but don’t finish
  3. Do something unexpected
  4. Imply you have info they don’t
  5. Imply they used to know something that they’ve since forgotten

Once you’ve crafted a compelling subject line, use your new (free) follow up template for the body of your email.

Get a free follow up template

Your next follow up email may be the most important email you ever send. 

Staring at the blinking cursor every time you have to follow up with somebody shouldn’t stop you from growing your business.

As long as you’re including the right things in each follow up, the results will come. By using one of these follow up templates, you’ll guarantee you sound thoughtful and professional every time.

Make sure you don’t leave out anything that needs to be there with these follow up templates.

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