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Instantly improve your marketing with better customer case studies

You’ve gotten a few testimonials, but now it’s time to show what you can really do.

You need a full case study to start showing, end-to-end, how your product or service crushes the competition.

But questions remain:

Where do you start? What do you ask your customer or client?

Even if they’re willing to be a case study for you to use, what questions do you ask to go beyond vague generalities?

All of these questions have one answer: this free case study template.

What you get:

  • Case Study Request Templates
  • Case Study Questions
  • Case Study Collection Form Templates

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Why use case studies?

Every great film and book follows a similar plotline.

Don’t believe me? Look at these books/films:

  • Lord of the Rings
  • Inception
  • The Matrix
  • Harry Potter
  • Batman
  • Finding Nemo
  • Every George Lucas movie (including the entire Indiana Jones and Star Wars series)

Wild, right? EVERY one of these movies follows the same plot: The Hero’s Journey (first documented by Joseph Campbell).

In your business, you may think you’re the hero.

Spoiler: you aren’t.

Your customer is.

In every famous story, there’s a point where the hero meets their guide (that’s YOU!).

In your case study, you absolutely must position yourself as the guide and your customer as the hero. Each case study is an opportunity to allow the reader to see themselves as the hero and choose you to guide them to the success they’re looking for.

Your case studies don’t have to be long, but they do have to achieve a few important things if you want them to be effective marketing materials.

What makes a great case study?

Every single case study that drives leads and closed business have a few things in common:

  • Describe a unique experience
  • Demonstrate who the ideal customer is
  • Describe a competitive advantage of the product or service
  • Show how the product can best be used
  • Provide a before (and after) picture of the transformation that occurred
  • Emotionally connect with your ideal customer.

Once you know exactly what to ask, you can provide the right prompts to steer your customers into providing the perfect case study.

Case study best practices

In addition to following the hero’s journey, the best case studies tend to follow a similar layout

  1. Overview — Provide a brief overview of the results that a customer or client achieved
  2. Results — Provide a bit of detail about how your proprietary solution or product helped them achieve those results.
  3. Conclusion — Elaborate on the lasting impact those results will have for the customer.

Additionally, don’t get fancy with your case studies. Use clean, purposeful formatting to help emphasize the points you want to come across.

The best format and mediums for creating case studies

With all of the mediums available to marketers and business owners, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business (and customers). Ideally, you’ll create case studies that can be used across every medium, but start with the one that’s preferred by your customer base. A few popular formats for creating case studies include:

  1. Written — Blog or landing page
  2. Video — Social media or YouTube
  3. Visual — Blog, email, infographic or Pinterest
  4. Audio — Podcast or social media

How to ask for a case study (on autopilot)

Using smart marketing automation, you can use the scripts in these case study templates and add them to your ActiveCampaign account.

After a certain amount of time after a customer purchases, or takes a specific action, they’ll automatically be asked to provide you with a case study, like this:

Get a free case study template

It’s clear that strong customer case studies can be a very valuable marketing asset and you’re probably itching to get started.

If you want to fast track getting your customer case study out into the wild, you’ll love our proven template.

In these case study templates, you’ll discover:

  • How to ask for case studies with case study request templates
  • What to ask during the process with case study sample questions
  • How to collect case studies with case study collection form templates

Get started immediately with these free case study templates.

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