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Get more orders with these free Google order form templates

Setting up your first order form?

Or looking to create a form that drives more conversations and sales?


But first, you have to ask yourself a few essential questions:

What should my form include?

What shouldn’t I include? How many fields are too many?

All of these questions have one answer: this free Google order form template.

What you get:

  • Google order form template

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Essential fields to include in your order form

What should our Google order form include? Here are 3 things every successful google order form includes:

1. Are you a new or existing customer?

This very simple question allows the person on your team fielding the order request to access the customer’s prior orders or their file. 

If they’re an existing customer, it may also help route the conversation to the right person on your team.

2. Basic contact information, such as:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Preferred contact method
  • Additional questions and comments

3. Information relevant to the order, such as:

  • The item that they wish to order
  • Specific details that may help specify which model of a specific item they are interested in
  • Additional product options such as sizing, number, etc.

Common types of order forms

The 5 most common types of Google order forms include:

  1. Product order
  2. Service order
  3. Delivery order
  4. Fundraiser order
  5. Sales order

Get a free google order form template

You’re excited to start taking orders, and we’re excited for you!

If you want to fast track getting new orders and customers, you’ll love this proven template.  

Get started immediately with this free google order form template.

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