Making a sale is easy. But scaling that process and hitting big sales goals? Not so much.

When it comes to sales, failing to plan is planning to fail.

“I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard,” says famous businesswoman Estée Lauder.

But you don’t become one of the most famous entrepreneurs and business people in history, like Estée Lauder, without big goals.

Fortunately, this process isn’t as hard as it seems (especially with this template).

This sales goal template has been designed specifically to help you, and your entire team, align with where you’re currently at, where you want to be and how to get there together.

What you get:


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What are sales goals?

Sales goals are a part of a larger strategy to improve a business’s sales results over a specific time period.  With proper sales goals, everyone on the sales team (whether you’re a solopreneur looking to make more sales, or have dozens of salespeople) will be able to focus on the same objectives and execute on them without losing sight of the overall vision.



How do you create sales goals?

Typically, sales goals include:

  • Revenue targets
  • Sales performance goals
  • Attached strategies to achieve each eales goal
  • Any necessary financial, tech or human resources needed to achieve the goals
  • Activities and milestones necessary to achieve the sales goals



The Sales goal planning process

Planning your sales goals out can seem daunting at first, but taking it one step at a time will reduce any overwhelm. Here’s how (also, see the sales goal template for a plug-and-play version of this):

1. Scope / Summary

Provide a summary of what’s inside the sales goal plan and help visualize the value of following this plan.

2. Goals / Outcomes / Revenue Targets

Define the specific sales revenue targets you’re looking to hit, as well as overall business goals attached to them. In our template, we also touch on the current outcome so that we can measure the projected increase and success metrics we’ll need to achieve to hit the new outcome.

3. Previous Performance Review

Once you’ve defined the goals and revenue targets your sales goals will achieve, it’s important to recap the previous period’s performance. Note any mistakes, missed opportunities, or wins that you want to carry through to the new time period. This review process will optimize your new sales plan with better data. It’s recommended to use a “start, stop, keep” framework when analyzing your sales team’s past performance.

In this template, you’ll also find sections to analyze:

  • Market conditions
  • Industry conditions
  • Strategies > Tactics for both new customer growth and existing business growth
  • Customer segments
  • ACtion plan
  • Sales tools
  • Sales goal milestones
  • 30-60-90 day sales plans
  • Customer testimonials
  • Awards and recognition
  • And more!



Tips for creating your sales goals plan

Your goal with the sales goal planning (which is easier if you use the template) is to visualize the value of what you’re looking to achieve.

Use the following tips to help create sales goals that get adopted and implemented effectively.

  1. Understand who key stakeholders are
  2. Use smart questioning ahead of any presentations to understand their goals within your company and how those relate / translate into your sales goals
  3. Compile compelling visuals to show the value of the sales goals that you’re proposing
  4. Align your sales goals to get the requested budget and headcount (team) needed to hit them.



Get a free sales goal template

There’s no single way to create sales goals for you and your team.

The best part of this sales goal template is that it can be used to not only kick off your sales goals, but also revisit them monthly and quarterly.

You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you and your sales team evaluate your current sales goals.

The highest producing salespeople don’t.

And neither should you.

Continuously improve your sales plan and generate more revenue with this sales goal template.

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