What would tracking your advertising campaigns look like if it were just... easy?

Your performance marketing efforts could include HUNDREDS of campaigns.

Then, multiple that by a dozen platforms and let’s not even get started if you’re launching campaigns in multiple languages.

Tracking them can be a nightmare.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Keep your advertising on course with this free advertising tracking template.

What you get:


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How do you keep track of advertising campaigns?

Tracking your digital marketing campaigns even with the most modern campaign management tools, can be difficult.

This advertising tracking template helps teams coordinate their marketing campaigns across various timelines, all without needing to use fancy software. Whether you’re a small business or a large tech company or marketing agency, this template gives you a clear place to pull together tracking your advertising campaigns.

You’ll be able to track things like:

  • Spend
  • Conversions
  • Performance to goal
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Owner
  • Status
  • Platform
  • Duration
  • Client

You’ll also be able to keep notes on where sign-ups are coming from, what traffic sources are performing the best, and what landing pages have the highest conversion rate.

One of the most important features of tracking your advertising with this template is the ability to visualize the value that you’re adding to the overall marketing effort.  Whatever metric you are benchmarked against growing and improving, you’ll be able to see, at a glance, the value your advertising is driving for top line revenue.



How do you create a tracking sheet in Excel?

The best advertising tracking templates (like this one) are already built in Google sheets so you can export to Excel with a single click, plus have all of the benefits of the G suite. You can also easily import existing excel spreadsheet data  and Google sheet exports in just a few clicks.



What are the benefits of using this advertising template?

  1. Adhere to a budget — This advertising tracking template makes sure you can consistently track spend and not overspend OR underspend. The only thing worse than spending too much is not spending the allocated amount, only to lose it in future budget revisions.
  2. Measure success — With displays of marketing performance for each advertising campaign, this template helps quickly assess impact.
  3. Visualize value — Quickly see what overall campaigns are performing best, dropping underperforming campaigns quickly and saving wasted budget.



Get a free advertising tracking template

Digital marketing, especially performance marketing like advertising, requires a lot of data to be pulled into one location. Especially as you scale, your work only becomes more complicated.

That’s why a template is so helpful. Finally be free of that nagging feeling that you aren’t tracking something important, or wondering why your data seems to be off.

This advertising tracking template includes important steps to carry you through every phase of your performance marketing.

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Start a 14-day free trial of ActiveCampaign. No credit card, no setup, no hassle.