Improve your sales productivity and never lose track of your sales numbers again

Yes, you are an entrepreneur. But, are you running the business, or is it running itself?

This is one of the things that seem insignificant at the surface level but play a key role in determining whether your company becomes an industry leader or just gets by.

One of the areas that you need to be keen on to scale your company is sales. This is not just about tracking actual transactions but the entire process leading up to the sale. In this regard, you’ll need a template to track sales.

What you get:


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What to look for in a sales tracking template

True sales leaders are never content with great sales as more is always better.

After making a sale, they quickly move on to the next and need to know the likelihood of each deal closing successfully. Here are two key aspects to look for to improve your sales productivity:


Ability to regularly monitor

To achieve long-term revenue goals, you must monitor your sales regularly to ensure you are on track. For this, a weekly sales tracking spreadsheet is an ideal tool. All you need to include are a few columns for monitoring tasks and other key activities.

With a solid sales tracker, sales reps can easily determine whether their teams are on track to meet revenue goals. It offers a revenue breakdown based on the type and number of products sold, allowing you to keep track of revenue.


Easy to interpret

The good thing about this template is that it’s easy to interpret. With one quick glance, you’ll see the areas where you are thriving and those that need improvement.



Sales tracking best practices

You must track ongoing deals and see the stage they’re in, helping you determine the probability of closing successfully. With such insight, you can also create sales projections to see whether you are on track or not.

When planning the growth of your company, accurate sales forecasts are essential. However, it’s common for the actual value of the deal at closing to be lower than the projections you have. If this happens with several deals, you may miss projections by a large make, affecting your growth plans.


Sales forecasting

To create an effective sales pipeline, it is essential to accurately project the potential value of deals so that forecasts are also more accurate. Creating a sales report spreadsheet will help you with this. It clearly outlines the clients you close, the projected revenue, and the actual revenue.

With such information available in an easy-to-compare manner, you can observe the deviations to know how to make better projections.


Sales call planner

Part of landing new clients is reaching out to prospects who need your products and services. If you want an easy but effective way to manage such outreach activities, use a sales call planner. You can have a digital copy on your tablet or phone and input the necessary information after a call. Alternatively, you can go old school and print it out to fill with a pen.


Sales cycle tracker

Once you reach out to a prospect or a lead enters your sales funnel, it takes time before they become paying customers. During this period, it is your responsibility to guide them through and nurture them into long-term clients.

Therefore, you have to follow up on them regularly, for which you need to prepare solutions that you can discuss with them. With a sales lead follow-up tracker, all this information, including names, titles, and meeting notes, will be available in an organized manner.


Sales revenue and expenditure (bookkeeping)

Every business needs to keep track not only of sales but all incomes and expenses. These templates will help you get organized with those. Now, you are fully equipped to understand and track and optimize the whole process related to sales – which is the whole business, essentially.



Lock in your sales pipeline accuracy with this free template to keep track of sales

More often than not, the difference between entrepreneurs that thrive and the rest is their mentality. They appreciate that a business may appear healthy but be far from it in reality. As a result, they are keen on the slightest of details and hunger for key business insights to gain more control over outcomes.

Thus, any seasoned sales manager knows that success lies in the minor details that you can only get by tracking performance at every level. This is something that sales templates help with significantly.

Along with the insight you’ll get from these sales templates, they also make it easier to manage sales activities, thus enhancing performance.

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