Over 1 Billion daily Facebook users can see your ad. Let’s make it convert.

Despite recent advertising upheaval from iOS 14 and slowed platform growth, Facebook still remains one of the strongest digital advertising platforms available.

And despite many young people claiming they don’t use it, 70% of Facebook’s users in the U.S. log in every day (vastly higher than LinkedIn’s 22%).

With no sign of slowing down, Facebook continues to be the strongest option for paid marketing.

But how do we create ads that convert? How do we write copy that resonates and gets clicked? And how does that copy relate to the other creative we use, like video and images?

Together, we’ll explore the three core parts of every Facebook ad and put our ad copy to work with this free Facebook Ad copy template.

What you get:


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How to create effective Facebook ads

In addition to targeting, there are three core parts to every highly profitable Facebook ad:


1. The Creative

The first thing a Facebook user will notice will be your ad creative. Whether video or image, the job of the creative is to get the user to stop what they are doing and read the headline.

The creative in your Facebook ad, whether an image or a video, has to do two things:

  1. Grab the user’s attention
  2. Create a question or “open loop” in their mind

And where will they search for their answer?

Likely, the headline.


2. The Headline

Once the creative stops the user in their tracks and gets them to read the headline, our headline copy must move the user to click the call to action or read the ad copy

The headline digs further into the open loop created with the image and has to create a challenge or question in the mind of the reader.

5 ways to create that challenge / question are:

  • Ask a curiosity-inducing question
  • Start a sequence of events, but don’t finish
  • Do something unexpected
  • Imply you have info they don’t
  • Imply they used to know something that they’ve since forgotten


3. The Copy

Finally, the job of our Facebook ad copy is to move the user to click the CTA (Call to Action).

We’ll again utilize the same four curiosity levers in our ad copy. However, now we have to bridge the gap between where the person viewing the ad is today and the transformation that they’re looking for.

And let’s be honest. What do most people want when they see an ad? They want results.

So let’s give that to them.

Tease the result / transformation they want and entice them to click the ad to learn more or take action.

Within this free Facebook ad copy template, you’ll discover our formula for using a simple “Hook +Story + Offer” formula for profitable Facebook ad copy.



Get a sample Facebook ad copy template

A lot of things have to come together to create a breakout Facebook ad:

  • The right targeting
  • Eye-stopping creative
  • A customer-driven headline
  • Compelling ad copy

And that can all be quite a big order to put together for every single ad you run.

You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel for every new Facebook ad you run.

The pro’s don’t.

And neither should you.

As you’re including the right things in each ad and use the right ad copy, the results will come.

Make sure you don’t leave out anything that needs to be there with these Facebook ad copy templates.

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