Start closing bigger deals (even if you’re just getting started)

Whether you’re a founder, selling their own product for the first time, or starting to grow a team of sales representatives, you absolutely must have a sales process.

With one, everything important falls into place: forecasting, hiring, and revenue.

Having a well defined sales process can mean the difference between growing your company 200% this year and barely scraping by.

Get even your most junior sales team members to close bigger deals with this free sales process template.

What you get:


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What are the 6 core stages of a sales process?

Every strong sales process has roughly six core stages:

  1. Qualification
  2. Discovery
  3. Proposal
  4. Return on Investment (ROI) + Decision
  5. Statement of Work (SOW)
  6. Close


1. Qualification Call

Goal: Secure a meeting w/ a prospect who fits the ICP and has a pain

For this call, you’ll prepare a sales development representative to account executive (AE) handoff and also review pain-point questions. You also want to understand where the prospect lies on the scale of emotional to rational in their decision-making.


2. Discovery Call

Goal: Diagnose the pain, identify the urgency, and determine if we can help them

For this call, you want to diagnose the reason that the prospect is speaking with you, what they’ve tried before, or are currently trying, that hasn’t worked, and re-qualify them based on their history and ability to become a customer. You’ll also introduce them to a decision-making process that will help them arrive at a decision of whether or not to work with you.


3. Proposal

Goal: Understand the pain of the customer and educate them on our value

In this call, you’ll review the prospect’s top three pain points and identify relevant case studies and testimonials you have that correlate with them.  You’ll also share ballpark pricing, confirm your decision-making process and establish next steps.


4. Return on investment (ROI) + decision

Goal: Assist the client / customer through the decision process

In this call, you’ll share the ROI and ask for a decision. It’s preferred to let them know all of the decisions they can make (work with you, work with a competitor, do what they’re currently doing, do nothing, etc.) Then, revalidate with more social proof and set a time to review an official statement of work.


5. Statement of work (SOW)

Goal: Create a contract outlining price and impact it will have on the the business

You will walk them through the statement of work and correlating deliverables. Reconfirm fit and value of each deliverable.


6. Close

Goal: Close the deal

In this call, we’ll get all of our prospects’ negotiation items on the table, repeat what we’ve heard and help them prioritize. We’ll then make an official offer and work through counter-offers and sticking points.



Get a free visual sales process template (that you can use today!)

Working from this highly visual sales process template, you’ll be able to customize your sales process to fit your current team.

No matter how you use it, it’s exciting that you’re defining your sales process and holding your sales reps to it!

This free sales process template includes everything you need to create a sales process that aligns your entire team, gets executive buy-in and closes more deals!

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