Instantly improve your marketing with better customer testimonial

Testimonials are one of those things in business that feel like they should be easy, but never are.

First, how do you ask for them? Somebody has already paid you and now you’re asking more from them? What words can you use to convince them to give you a glowing review?

Then, once they’ve agreed, how do we ask them to write something that goes beyond vague niceties?

Answer: with these testimonial templates.

What you get:


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Why use testimonials?

Every great film and book follows a similar plotline.

Don’t believe me? Look at these books/films:

  • Lord of the Rings
  • Inception
  • The Matrix
  • Harry Potter
  • Batman
  • Finding Nemo
  • Every George Lucas movie (including the entire Indiana Jones and Star Wars series)

They all follow the same plotline, roughly known as The Hero’s Journey.

And in the hero’s journey, every story starts with the hero meeting the mentor, or guide.

In business, you have to position yourself as the guide, not the hero.

Your customer is the hero and there’s no better way to help them see that is with testimonials. Every testimonial is a chance for the customer to see how you’ve guided and mentored others like them in the transformation they’re seeking.

They don’t have to be long, but they do have to do a few specific things in order to be effective in marketing your business.



What makes a great testimonial?

Testimonials that win over customers have a few things in common. When you know what makes a great testimonial, you can ask questions and provide prompts that will help to steer your customers in the right direction.

The best testimonials check at least one of the following boxes (the best ones do three or more):

  • Describe a unique experience
  • Demonstrate who the ideal customer is
  • Describe a competitive advantage of the product or service
  • Show how the product can best be used
  • Provide a before (and after) picture of the transformation that occurred
  • Emotionally connect with your ideal customer.



Testimonial Best Practices

Here are 11 best practices for creating and using customer testimonials:

  • Put testimonials on most popular pages
  • Place testimonial next to product or service it represents
  • Match the topic/keyphrase of the content with the testimonial
  • Always be “listening” for potential testimonials
  • Grateful email messages
  • Positive social media posts
  • Thank you notes
  • In-person gratitude
  • Testimonials are better if they come from credible people
  • Demonstrates a benefit
  • Visually engaging



How to ask for a testimonial (on autopilot)

Using smart marketing automation, you can use the scripts in these templates and add them to your ActiveCampaign account.

Every time a customer purchases, they’ll automatically be asked to provide you with a testimonial, like this:


testimonial image 1



Get a free customer testimonial template

Now that you understand the why and how behind asking for and producing great customer testimonials, it’s time to plug it into a proven template.

In these testimonial templates, you’ll discover:

  • How to ask for testimonials with testimonial request templates
  • What to ask during the process with testimonial sample questions
  • How to collect testimonials with testimonial collection form templates

Get started immediately with these testimonial templates.

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