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Email Deliverability


Email deliverability is a term that refers to the ability of an email message to arrive in the recipient's email inbox. In addition to ability to deliver emails at all, deliverability is related to inbox placement – whether an email appears in the primary inbox, the promotional tab, another inbox, or the spam folder. Most often, email deliverability is a percentage of emails that were accepted by the ISP (e.g. 98% of emails were delievered, as opposed to bouncing).

Marketers use email deliverability to figure out whether or not their emails are reaching their customers. A failure to reach customers reduces the performance of a marketing email, which is one reason that email deliverability is extremely important to marketers.

Email deliverability is affected by a number of factors. Sending to spam traps or landing on email blacklists will hurt deliverability, as will consistently low email open rates (which could also result in your ESP moving you to a server with lower sender reputation). You can avoid email deliverability problems by regularly cleaning your email list, sending high quality emails, and implementing a double opt-in process (which will increase subscriber engagement and help avoid spam traps).

You should never purchase or rent email lists, as this is extremely likely to affect your deliverability.

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