DKIM, SPF, DMARC DNS Verification Tool

This tool will allow you to check the DNS records you have set up for sending domains with ActiveCampaign.

Please note: In February 2024 Gmail and Yahoo will start requiring DKIM and DMARC for all sending domains if you send more than 5,000/day to Gmail or Yahoo. Therefore, ActiveCampaign strongly recommends you setup DKIM and DMARC for all your sending domains. For more information see here.

For more information about email authentication, check out our guide here.

This tool should not be used to check DNS/SPF/DKIM records you have setup for other email services like Gsuite or Office.

You should set up authentication for all the From Address domains you use in your ActiveCampaign account(s).


Domain Alias (CNAME)

Enter your CNAME domain below. This can be any subdomain of your domain. You should place a CNAME record at this subomdomain that points to Typically something like Once this is setup, the subdomain can't be used for anything else.

CNAMES do not have a large impact on deliverability. The most common reason to setup a CNAME is for whitelabeling purposes, because this will change the login and link tracking domain (e.g. to your own domain.

CNAME Results
Domain CNAME

Need help? Check out our CNAME help doc