Engagement Management Webinar Recording Now Available

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Thanks to everyone that’s been attending and participating in our new series of webinars. We’re very happy with the response and reception and we’re excited to keep these webinars coming! If you have topics you would like for us to cover, make sure to post them in the comments section or tweet us at @activecampaign.
In this webinar, Kelly O’Connell, Head of Customer Success, dove deep into the nuances and best practices of engagement management. With most user lists seeing an annual depreciation of 25% in their engagement, this is one of the most important strategies you can employ as part of you marketing strategy. Don’t be alarmed, this is a normal statistic, and when you take on engagement management, you’ll see three very positive outcomes: increased conversions, better segmentation options, and constant high deliverability.
As always, Kelly then breaks down what you can do to ensure health engagement. Kelly highlights two key components to any burgeoning engagement management implementation: permission & testing.
By permission, one must be transparent and upfront with your contacts, and here are Kelly’s four foundational facets – dig in:

  • A clean, concise opt-in
  • Implementing a preference center
  • Deploying a welcome series
  • Utilizing clear, easy to find unsubscribe links

After implementing these tactics, one must be open to testing. Engagement management is certainly not a static practice, and one much constantly iterate to cater to the needs of their contacts.
While there are hundreds of aspects one can test, Kelly highlighted three pieces of low-hanging fruit:

  • Testing your From name (must be from a valid email address)
  • Subject lines (for example: CTAs vs no CTAs)
  • Message content

As it’s sometimes difficult to get started, and you might be staring at that “blank canvas” that all of us have encountered, Kelly demonstrated a engagement tagging automation you can implement right away. It was graciously shared by one our users, Matt Fox in a previous blog post. Click here to get going.
You can also find alternate pre-built engagement management workflows in our Automation Recipes as seen below:
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We’ll be holding our next webinar soon, so keep a lookout!

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