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Would you ever write a one-word email subject line?

A one-word subject line breaks all the rules. But what are the rules? How can you write subject lines that consistently get opens and win A/B tests? Why do some subject lines perform better — and how can you write subject lines that work?

Sometimes the best subject lines break the rules — or seem to.

To answer these questions (and learn the rules of great subject lines), you’ll sit down with ActiveCampaign’s Director of Content Marketing, Benyamin Elias.

You can download the presentation slides here.

You’ll learn:
  • 4 reasons why people open emails, and how you can use them to your advantage
  • The 5 ways (according to research) to make people so curious they have to click
  • Why “weird” words can wrangle eyeballs and grab attention
  • Email subject line formulas you can steal and customize

“We have 40-50% email open rates. That’s way above the industry standard. It’s because we’re delivering a personalized experience.”

— Jon Carissimo, Tampa School of Real Estate