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ActiveCampaign & OperationsAlly present: How to use the ActiveCampaign affiliate program to grow your business

What does it actually mean to be an affiliate?

Thursday 23 July 2020

The process is straightforward: you recommend a product/service to your audience, they sign up using your link, and you collect a commission check at the end of the month. Sounds like the dream, right? The truth is, it’s not that simple.

Being a successful affiliate is more than sending a link and collecting a check. It can be tough!

How do you promote your affiliate business? Why is it so hard to choose the right software partner, and how do you do it? What’s the ‘right’ way to make a product recommendation to your audience? How do you make sure your customers are a good fit?

To answer these questions, you’ll sit down with Erica Grodin — Affiliate Marketing Manager at ActiveCampaign, and Dr. Ada Barlatt — Founder of OperationsAlly & ActiveCampaign affiliate.

You can download the presentation slides here.


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You'll learn:

I love ActiveCampaign because it allows me to save time and that’s really hard to quantify. The simplest explanation of the value is that it allows me more time to do other parts of my job.