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Forget the funnel, focus on the customer lifecycle

The funnel is one-dimensional.

In today’s world, the customer experience (CX) decides whether a business is successful or not. The bar has been raised, especially for brands that do business online.

Buying has changed. Selling has changed. Marketing and advertising have changed. The way we do business has changed. The old, generic funnels, one-size-fits-all campaigns, and cookie-cutter communication strategies need to change as well. It’s time for an update.

Your prospects know more. Your potential customers expect fast, smooth, and personalized experiences every time they interact with your business. Your customers expect more.

How do you live up to the expectations? How do you create incredible customer experiences for everyone, every time? How can you tie your business processes together and automate every customer interaction?

To answer these questions, you’ll sit down with Monique Hoelker and Shiv Chibber, of ActiveCampaign's Education team for a free webinar.

You can download the presentation slides here!

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You'll learn:

  • Why shifting your focus from the funnel to the lifecycle will transform the way you do business
  • How to use Customer Experience Automation (CXA) to grow your business
  • Why actionable data is the key to CXA (and how to get more of it!)
  • How to pinpoint where your customer interactions are happening (and automate them)

ActiveCampaign is so flexible. We are now understanding our customers better and becoming more personal at every touchpoint.

Sven-Anders Alwerud, Koia