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Integrate EasyWebinar with ActiveCampaign

Send webinar data to ActiveCampaign to create better list segmentation.

Start a campaign when someone registers for a webinar. Connecting your ActiveCampaign tags to EasyWebinar lets you segment those who showed up and those who did not.

Send webinar email merge fields to ActiveCampaign to run your pre and post-webinar notifications smoothly.

Custom fields are available to further segment your webinar registrants with questions like, what type of business to you have etc. These answer are sent to the contract record in ActiveCampaign.

Collect lead data sent to each contact in ActiveCampaign with UTM parameter custom fields.

Lite Plan and Above

  • Segment webinar registrants into a list
  • Start any campaign with tags when with a webinar registration
  • Segment your emails by shows and no-shows
  • Know who stayed long enough to see your offer and those who left early with tagging.
  • Customize your registration page to ask additional qualifying questions.

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Automatically pull webinar registration information from EasyWebinar into your ActiveCampaign contact list.

Platinum Skin Care

"I can pull up a customer here and I can see how much money they’ve spent, what they’ve ordered previously. That is way more information than I ever thought possible, to be connected like that, and it is nothing but helpful."

— Jennifer Tilney, Platinum Skin Care

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