Customer Experience Automation for Salesforce

Dramatically increase the growth of your business by pairing Salesforce with the world's leading customer experience solution.

Use your valuable CRM data to its full potential

Your prospects and customers are telling you what they want. ActiveCampaign lets you use the information in Salesforce to follow-up – and show them exactly what they want to see.

Make sure no prospects slip through the cracks

Manage all your contacts and customers - automatically. Collect all the information you need, and send automatic, targeted follow-ups directly from Salesforce. Assign each prospect to the right reps – and turn your leads into customers, and your first-time customers into repeat customers.

Drive more business with current and future customers

Turn current customers into customers for life and win back prospects with smart automation, all from in Salesforce and without lifting a finger.

Automate your way to more sales with 25% off Salesforce Essentials

New to Salesforce? Discover how Salesforce Essentials, the CRM built for small businesses, and ActiveCampaign can help connect sales and marketing to track leads, identify potential customers faster, and ultimately get more deals.

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Activate your entire customer experience with ActiveCampaign for Salesforce

ActiveCampaign for Salesforce combines the power of Customer Experience Automation with data from Salesforce to create a more personalized customer experience that turns leads into repeat customers.

What can you do with Salesforce and ActiveCampaign?

Target leads based on information you have in Salesforce. Track exactly how every lead interacts with your team. ActiveCampaign lets you change the messages you send based on the information you collect.

What you can do:

  • Create Salesforce leads and contacts from ActiveCampaign
  • Automate email follow-up to your Salesforce leads and contacts
  • Collect lead information with custom forms and fields
  • Sync leads and contacts between both platforms
  • Track how your leads and contacts interact with your messages (and follow up)
  • Update and sync custom fields in either ActiveCampaign or Salesforce
  • Notify the right team member at the right time
  • Trigger follow-up campaign emails directly in Salesforce
  • Target leads based on company size (and almost any other info)
  • Add leads and contacts to Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Qualify leads with custom, automated scoring
  • Send leads into automated nurture flows from Salesforce
  • Sync standard and custom data fields from your Salesforce Account to your ActiveCampaign fields
  • Integrates with Salesforce Essentials, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions
  • Optimized for Salesforce Lightning Experience

What our customers say

“After almost 20 years of different email marketing solutions, I think we have found the best! I think the first email tool we used was Constant Contact, then it was Pardot, followed by 5 or 6 others. We needed a simple easy to use solution that had a great dashboard and would allow us to build campaigns as well as landing pages. Plus something that would easily integrate with our CRM. We like that the cost is based on the number of contacts. Active Campaign also has a ton of features included that cost extra with some platforms. I think we have finally picked a winner and can forget about searching for something better.”

Nick Bomleny, Marketing at Asponte Technology

“As a veteran marketing automation user, I've run basic systems to enterprise and everything in between. I successfully migrated our non profit from a minimally functional non profit to ActiveCampaign. AC has functionality that I would expect at this budget and some I haven't seen at much higher price points. Their customer service is fantastic, and they truly want to help. The Salesforce integration works seamlessly.”

Kat Krieger, Together for Safer Roads

“Our company switched over to ActiveCampaign last year, and we've been very happy with the results. The integration between Salesforce and AC works very well, and it has been a great tool for our email automations.”

Scribe Admin, Scribe Media

Integrate with Salesforce

ActiveCampaign integrates with Salesforce plans– so you can connect with the CRM plan that works best for your business.