Conversations: Send a Site Message Follow-Up after Online Chat Automation Recipe


To create a personalized experience for your contacts, you can't start from square 1 with every interaction. Each interaction after a contact engages with you has to build off of the previous one.

After all, if a person comes to a page on your website and sees the same first-time user opt-in pop-up appear after they've already become a contact 2 visits ago, that's going to be a turn-off. And, if you have a live chat conversation with someone, it's nice to show that you're welcoming them back -- not saying hello again.

So the question do you create personalized site messages for every contact that you talk to in a live chat? That seems like a lot of messages and you only have 2 hands.

Answer: by using automation! Specifically, this Conversations automation recipe to send a site message follow-up after online chat.

When a contact chats in, you can send a site message follow-up that will appear the next time the contact visits your page. The site message can have a call-to-action to:

- Continue chatting
- Make a purchase
- Read a piece of content
- And more!

NOTE: This automation recipe must be used with the Conversations feature.

How does the send a site message follow-up after online chat automation work?

Here's how the send a site message follow-up after online chat automation works:

1. Their first time on the page, the contact submits their email to the Conversations form in the chat widget which triggers this automation.
2. Once the automation is triggered in the Conversations chat, the contact goes to the "Send site message" step, which will trigger a site message to appear the next time they visit the page (the site message does NOT appear immediately after a contact reaches this step -- it only appears when the contact revisits/refreshes the page on a separate occasion). You can customize the site message to say whatever you'd like. You can also set it to appear only on certain pages.
3. The contact exits the automation.

What do you need to use the send a site message follow up after online chat automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, the Conversations feature, and a contact list!

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