Sales Engagement: Post-Conversion Check-in


Your deal was won! Throw the confetti and celebrate, right? Well, yes, but also ensure you have a good follow-up email to check in and make sure everything is going well with your conversion and the contact is pleased. This automation makes this process a breeze.

This automation sends out a 1:1 sales engagement email after a month of the deal status becoming “won”. You can use this email to ensure customer satisfaction and source brand advocates. Before importing, make sure your pipeline and deal stages are set up.

Here’s how “Sales Engagement: Post-Conversion Check-in” works:

1. The deal enters the automation when their status changes to “Won”.
2. The deal comes to a wait step and is held there for a month.
3. The deal then arrives at a 1:1 email step and is sent a message checking in and seeing if everything is going well and if there is anything you can help with.
4. The deal exits the automation.

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