Create Deal When Calendly Appointment Booked


The more you can take off your salesperson’s plate, the better. When a new appointment is booked, writing down all those contact details into a deal record is time consuming. Why not automate it and let your team focus on informing your prospective clients and closing deals?

This automation creates a deal record when a Calendly appointment is booked. You can segment the trigger as wanted. Before importing, integrate your Calendly account.

Here’s how Create Deal When Calendly Appointment Booked works:

1. The automation is triggered when a Calendly appointment is made. It’s set to run once so that it only happens for the first appointment, but feel free to adjust as needed.
2. The contact arrives at a create deal action and has a deal created for them.
3. The contact exits the automation.

Note: Feel free to build out more actions to make this your own and fit your sales process. You could add a task, send a message, and more.

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